tamia mpisane sithelo

Tamia seemingly threw shade at Sithelo.
Image via Instagram

‘Same thing will happen with Tamia’: Tweeps warn Andile Mpisane’s wife

‘If Tamia values her life, she should run’: A tweep shared on Andile Mpisane’s new wife after allegations made by his ex Sithelo Shozi.

tamia mpisane sithelo

Tamia seemingly threw shade at Sithelo.
Image via Instagram

Following disturbing allegations made by Sithelo Shozi that her ex-boyfriend Andile Mpisane abused her, fans are now urging his wife Tamia to take heed.

The Royal AM chairperson and son of Shauwn “MaMkhize”, made headlines this week after being accused of gender-based violence (GBV).

But whilst MaMkhize has labelled the allegations “false and defamatory”, many tweeps think it’s “only a matter of time” until it happens again.

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Andile Mpisane tied the knot with Tamia Mpisane in a shotgun wedding in December 2021. Unbeknownst to the public, she was pregnant with Andile’s third child. In May, Tamia gave birth to baby Miaandy, the third daughter of Andile Mpisane.

Andile shares Florence “Flo” and Likuwe “Coco” with Sithelo Shozi.  At the time of his wedding, Sithelo was still nursing baby Coco – whom she gave birth to in July 2021 – after seemingly being dumped by Andile.

And with allegations of their tumultuous relationship, many tweeps think Tamia Mpisane is likely to face the same fate as Sithelo.

Here is what Twitter users had to say:

@lloyd_senior: “MaMkhize is encouraging irresponsibility to her son Andile, the same thing will happen to Tamia”

@DanielTshifhiwa: “If Tamia values her life. She should run and never look back. It’s only a matter of time before Andile Mpisane does to her what he did to Sithelo”

@joy_zelda: “Tamia Mpisane must never find joy in another woman’s pain like Sithelo. She must chill, her time is coming to see the real Andile Mpisane and it won’t end well”

@Zanie_Thoko: “No one deserves to go through what Sithelo went through. Andile is a monster. I feel so sorry for Tamia”


One tweep even expressed grave concern for Andile Mpisane’s wife. They tweeted: “Not Tamia Mpisane turning off commenting on almost all her IG posts.. Now I’m starting to get worried about the man she is with”.

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With GBV being an epidemic in South Africa, many tweeps are warranted in their fears when it comes to allegations about Andile Mpisane.

According to an article by AIDC, the average GBV perpetrator “is not a serial rapist and murderer, but someone who knows their victim and is often a victim themselves, failed by a society rife with abuse and inequality”.

Activist Sohela Surajpal shared: “We banish this person to prison, which is itself a site of massive levels of extreme violence, sexual assault, and rape…In general, people leave prison not having ‘learned their lesson’,  but thoroughly dehumanised, mistreated, and with a decimated support structure.

“In the case of sexual offenders and abusers, they also leave having had none of their perceptions of women challenged and generally having imbibed an even more violent form of toxic masculinity”.

According to stats produced by the author, 55% to 95% of prisoners in South Africa reoffend upon release. Gender Links adds that between 25% and 40% of South African women have experienced sexual and/or physical intimate partner violence in their lifetime.

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