Master KG/Makhadzi

Makhadzi and Master KG share and intimate kiss on stage. Image via Twitter @kutamatshianeo

‘An opportunist’: Makhadzi’s fans slam Master KG after their sweet reunion

Makhadzi’s fans are convinced that Master KG is only referring to her as ‘his wife’ because she is somewhat more successful than he is!

Master KG/Makhadzi

Makhadzi and Master KG share and intimate kiss on stage. Image via Twitter @kutamatshianeo

Less than a month ago, Makhadzi hinted that she was no longer on the market. As the days passed, her fans tried hard to get clues about who her man is. Surprisingly, many signs pointed to Master KG. Lo and behold, the couple sort of made things official when he called her his wife in front of thousands of people.

Her fans are now calling the Jerusalema an opportunist

Master KG slammed as an opportunist after reuniting with Makhadzi

While people across South Africa were excited to hear that Limpopo songbird Makhadzi and her ex-boyfriend Master KG were reuniting, it appears some of her fans were fuming.

The couple sealed the deal with a passionate on-stage kiss that ended in Master KG declaring that Makhadzi is his wife. Naturally, all of Mzansi was left buzzing as people discussed the old flame that was so swiftly reignited.

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Some Makhadzi’s fans however believe that Master KG left the singer when his song Jerusalema became an instant hit. According to them, he is only taking her back because all the hype around him and his music have died down.

While he is no longer as popular as he was a year ago, Makhadzi has managed to build a solid name and reputation for herself. And her success at this time is arguably much bigger than Master KG’s.

According to Zalebs, one person wrote:

“I think Master KG is an opportunist, he first dumped Makhadzi so he can travel the world alone, now that Makhadzi is making it his back even calling her his wife,” said the troll and Master KG clapped back and said he is reaching.

Another one said:

“I was shocked when KG was going to Makhadzi gigs to ‘support her’. Makhadzi is more popular now. Gets more bookings. Has more followers on FB. That was an attempt by KG to revive his waning career. shine your light with Akon flopped. Money giveaways on twitter didn’t help.”

A hot clapback

Master KG didn’t take being called an opportunist very lightly. He quickly took to Twitter and wrote that he is still making a good amount of money while adding that his song did the best in SA.

“You don’t know sh** my guy only if you knew how much money I get/got you wouldn’t be talking this sh..and that song that you say flopped there’s no song in SA in 2021 that can match its streaming numbers…y’all should stop this sh now.”

He quickly deleted the tweet shortly afterward though.

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