Ayanda Thabethe

Ayanda Thabathe shared her thoughts on the country’s leaders. Images via Twitter: @AyandaThabethe_

‘All genetics’: Ayanda Thabethe slams MacG’s boob job discussion

‘I can’t believe people were discussing my boobs,’ wrote TV personality Ayanda Thabethe after MacG questioned if they were real or not.

Ayanda Thabethe

Ayanda Thabathe shared her thoughts on the country’s leaders. Images via Twitter: @AyandaThabethe_

South African media personality Ayanda Thabethe is not happy with rumours that she has had plastic surgery. This after Podcast and Chill host DJ MacG and Sunday World were discussing the possibility that she had silicone implants. According to Ayanda, her breasts are God-given.

Ayanda Thabethe says her boobs are very real

Local TV presenter Ayanda Thabethe has proven that she will never be silenced – especially not when two men sit around and discuss her body.

Ayanda headed to Twitter where she slammed MacG and a Sunday World reporter for discussing her boobs. During their discussion, they wondered whether or not Ayanda had done cosmetic surgery.

In her tweet, she stated that she most certainly did not get silicone implants. She made it clear that she was not happy with them discussing her body. Ayanda also added that the discussion was “ridiculous”.

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“I can’t believe people were discussing my boobs. I find it ridiculous BUT @MacGUnleashed and @SundayWorldZA … NO I have never done a boob job … all genetics and God-given not that I owed you this but have it and do what you will with the information. You’re welcome,” she wrote.


She then went on to say that people shouldn’t feel entitled to other people’s private information.

“Social media has made people feel so entitled to people’s personal lives and general life choices. It’s absurd.”


Tweeps weigh in

Many of her fans and supporters were equally disgusted with the conversation. A lot of them headed to the comment section where they sided with her about how wrong it is.

JusDarron said:

“That’s pretty crappy, I’m sorry about that.”

@HLOsquared said:

“So sorry that you have to deal with this crap. It’s so disappointing and disrespectful.”

@JazzyJ_20770 said:

“Take a topic of a western world celebrity, why your own from South Africa. I am one of her biggest fans and this to me is like an insult to the women of South Africa. Who gave you guys the permission to discuss such!!! Learn to respect women in general, please…”

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