Akon Kanye Hitler Nazi

Akon says Kanye’s statements are not aimed at him so they don’t bother him. Image via @akon/Instagram

Akon says he takes no offense in Kanye’s antisemitic remarks

Akon has received a lot of flack for seemingly defending Kanye and his views as of late but he says Ye has the right to his own opinion.

Akon Kanye Hitler Nazi

Akon says Kanye’s statements are not aimed at him so they don’t bother him. Image via @akon/Instagram

Musician and producer Akon told Sky News on Friday 2 November that he supports Kanye West’s right to speak his mind and say whatever he wants to say, regardless of how much it might piss off society.

According to TMZ, while Akon says he would make sure to give Kanye his own point of view against his argument about liking Hitler, he still doesn’t like the idea of shutting the dude down and smothering out his speech just because what he’s saying is objectionable to some.

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The publication also notes that when a Journalist of Sky News asked Akon if it troubles him that Kanye makes objectively horrid comments, he said, “Not really, because those comments don’t really affect me personally.”

This has seen a number of people on Twitter fight him for his views for failing to recognise the fight of other people.

He ended having to clear his statements and he said, “I clearly do not agree with Kanye’s remarks about Hitler. I am simply saying that everyone should have the right to their own opinion. Doesn’t mean we will always agree.”

Some people did however get Akon’s point and defended him.

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“People are doing what Akon say people do, lash out. Didn’t try to hear/understand what he said. He doesn’t agree w/Ye by any means. People do have their opinions, although can be wrong and we don’t have to accept them. If he could communicate w/him he’d challenge him on them,” said @MessyBoots2B.

“He said he believes, ‘that conversation and communication is the key’. Meet people where they are and then love them to where they were created to be. People change and evolve constantly,” said @LynnBowens7.

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