Nelli Tembe abuse claims: #IAm

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes popularly known as ‘AKA’. Image via Instagram @akaworldwide.

Nelli Tembe abuse claims: #IAmMegacy pens letter of support for AKA

AKA fans, popularly known as The Megacy have penned a letter of support for the rapper amidst abuse claims.

Nelli Tembe abuse claims: #IAm

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes popularly known as ‘AKA’. Image via Instagram @akaworldwide.

Rapper AKA’s fans known as the Megacy have taken to Twitter to pen a letter showing support for the rapper under #IAmMegacy on 26 May amid the abuse claims surrounding the death of his late fiancee Anele “Nelli” Tembe. 

Tembe plunged to her death from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town on Sunday 11 April. 

On 9 May, News 24 released footage of the rapper breaking down a door at his Bryanston apartment to get to a traumatised Nelli Tembe who had reportedly been hiding from him. The footage went viral resulting in AKA facing abuse claims. 

AKA then did his first sit-down interview with eNCA journalist Thembekile Mrototo to address these claims which was broadcasted on BarLeader TV’s YouTube channel on 22 May. Since then, AKA fans took to Twitter under #IAmMegacy to show support for the Fela in Versace hitmaker. 


A tweep shared a lengthy letter on social media on behalf of the Megacy saying that they stand by him and support him fully.

“This is a group of individuals who are not only intelligent but very fierce as well. We stand for what we stand for while being governed by our principles and values. The main thing we all stand for is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes,” the letter read. 

The letter then addressed that the Megacy is not part of “promo Twitter”.

“Insinuations of such intelligent people being part of promo Twitter is quite impudent actually. The greatest pay cheque we get on a daily though is having the greatest relationship with the man we named ourselves after. Which is what we realised a lot of people don’t understand or haven’t figured out yet, a lot of standships can only wish for what we have,” the letter continued. 

“There has never been any payment made to anyone in the Megacy for any hashtag that was started solely by the Megacy. We apologise that you can only wish to have such supporters,” the letter added. 



Most Tweeps in the comments section were not impressed by the letter and thought it was odd that people would go so far to defend AKA after the footage of him breaking down the door surfaced. Many Tweeps mentioned that 22-year-old Nelli Tembe lost her life. 


Other Tweeps labelled the letter as a public relations stunt while others just did not agree with the hashtag movement that the Megacy was trying to create. 

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