‘No new developments’ in Nelli

AKA and fiancee Nelli Tembe in happier times. Image via Instagram @akaworldwide

‘No new developments’ in Nelli Tembe inquest despite claims of abuse

Following abuse claims levelled against AKA, the Western Cape police however said there are no new developments in the investigation into the mysterious death of the rapper’s fiancée Nelli Tembe.

‘No new developments’ in Nelli

AKA and fiancee Nelli Tembe in happier times. Image via Instagram @akaworldwide

The Western Cape police have said that there are no new developments to report on in the inquest of Anele “Nelli” Tembe’s death despite footage of an aggressive AKA going viral on social media on 9 May, sparking abuse claims. 

A Twitter user tweeted that a friend of Tembe handed over a copy of the video — which Tembe apparently gave to her on 13 March — to the police.

Police keeping mum on AKA abuse allegations, viral footage

Asked by News24 whether the police has seen the footage, Western Cape police spokesperson Colonel André Traut chose not to comment on whether or not they have or whether the latest domestic abuse allegations will form part of the ongoing investigation.

“The death inquest you are referring to (is) still under investigation and at this stage there are no developments to report on,” Traut was quoted as saying by News24.

What sparked the abuse claims?

The fiancée of rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, popularly known as AKA, plunged to her death from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town on 11 April. Her death was first rumoured to be suicide, but since then, both her father and brother have stepped forward, denying that Tembe was suicidal. 

The shock footage of an AKA which went viral over the weekend, shows the rapper breaking down a door to get to Tembe who was reportedly hiding from him. 


A close friend of Tembe, who have asked to remain anonymous, has spoken out saying that AKA had allegedly smashed Nelli Tembe’s face against a wall during a previous fight and that is why she was hiding from him in this particular video. 

The Tembe family chose not to comment on the matter as yet. 

AKA denies allegations in statement

AKA, however, instantly responded via a statement on his various social media accounts, denying the abuse claims:  

“I am fully aware of who the ‘sources’ engaging media are and what their intention is, which is to influence the SAPS inquest – which the investigating officer has stated numerous times to my legal team and to them, that i Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, have not been named to be a suspect, but have been nothing but a cooperating witness,” said AKA.