Advocate Teffo claims hinted that Senzo Meyiwa’s friends – including Tumelo Madlala – were bewitched into not talking about what transpired on the night of his death.
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Adv Teffo hints ‘witchcraft’ is behind Senzo’s friends refusal to talk [watch]

Advocate Teffo has suggested Senzo Meyiwa’s best friends present when he was shot and killed, were ‘hyponotised’ by ‘witchcraft’…


Advocate Teffo claims hinted that Senzo Meyiwa’s friends – including Tumelo Madlala – were bewitched into not talking about what transpired on the night of his death.
Image via Netflix/Twitter

Advocate Masilela Teffo has claimed that witchcraft has played a significant role in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial. He’s and has even gone as far as to claim that eye-witnesses were “hypnotised” in a bid not to talk!

The defence lawyer this week dropped several bombshell allegations including claims that presiding judge Tshifhiwa Maumela “bewitched” him with the help of a “sangoma in court”. 

Teffo announced his plans to resume counsel for four of the five men accused of killing Senzo on 26 October 2014.

 The Orlando Pirates goalkeeper was shot dead whilst in the company of Kelly, family, and friends at her mother’s Vosloorus home. In it was Kelly, her mother Gladness, her sister Zandi and boyfriend Longwe Twala, and Senzo’s two friends Tumelo Madlala and Mthokozisi Thwala

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In a series of tweets, Advocate Teffo announced that he would mark his return to the Meyiwa trial. He also said he was “prepared” for the “risks” involved in the case.

He tweeted: “I will continue representing accused 1 to 4 and will be in court on 2 August 2022. It is time to deal with the institutionalized corruption within the SAPS and the NPA. I am prepared to deal with it even if it’s risky”.

Teffo then produced an official document in which he alleges the judge bewitched him with the help of a sangoma.

He wrote in his sworn statement: “I started to have the nightmares after Judge Maumela brought his sangoma to court, and his ill-treatment against me increased more than ever before.

“I was reliably informed that the involvement of the sangoma in this matter was to cause me to collapse inside the court. This is the witchcraft aimed at destabilising the defence for accused 1 to 4, and myself being the main target in this regard.”

Teffo sensationally claimed that the judge would drink muthi during court proceedings.

He continued: “The judge started taking a concoction in the form of liquid, drinking every time the court was in session to achieve the said goal of collapsing me in court. This was the main reason I decided to withdraw on the matter, after I informed my clients and the attorney”.

Teffo added that the Meyiwa family and accused believed his claims.

He added: “It was not difficult to explain my situation to the accused and their relatives, including Sifiso Meyiwa, as African people. The sangoma was fortunately witnessed by all the parties, when coming to consult with Judge Maumela in his chambers.”



Speaking on the Nkululeko n Cultr podcast this week, Teffo alleged that witnesses were “bewitched”.

Teffo was speaking specifically about Senzo’s friends Tumelo and Mthokozisi who were present at the time of his shooting.

According to allegations by the outspoken lawyer, Senzo’s friends were “hypnotised” into not talking. According to Tumelo’s version of events, he was visiting his childhood friend Senzo for the weekend. He, however, ended up staying longer than expected following the murder.

Teffo said: “The reason for that person [Tumelo] to be there the whole week was because they had to see the visionary…other people say their minds were hyponitised, so they could not explain what happened there.

“It was the [job] of the sangoma for some people to become hypnotised, they can only explain what cannot be comprehended by the ordinary human mind”.

Advocate Teffo hinted that Senzo’s friend Tumelo Madlala was “hypnotised” into not revealing what happened on the night of his murder in 2018.
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When asked why he believed that witchcraft had not succeeded on him, he said: “African people know their things. It has happened, but I am African-magic proof. They are trying, but they cannot succeed. My bulletproof is prayer”.

Teffo also claimed that Tumelo – who was once close to the Meyiwa family – had “completely changed”, and was now distant.

Teffo also stated that the prosecution’s claims that the five accused were behind the murder was “nonsensical”. 


Since Senzo Meyiwa’s death, his murder has been shrouded with claims of witchcraft, sangomas, and muthi.

They include allegations that:

  • Kelly Khumalo and her sister Zandie consulted a sangoma following Senzo’s murder
  • Senzo’s mom and wife Mandisa Mkhize visited a sangoma in a bid to “get rid of” Kelly 
  • Jub Jub’s claims that Kelly used muthi on him during their relationship
  • A 2018 Tshisalive report which claimed that Kelly was undergoing training to become a “traditional healer”

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