British songstress Adele has confessed to fame having some advantages. Image via Twitter @OfficialPLT

Adele on how her ‘Adeleality’ gets her out of trouble with the police

Adele revealed on her UK TV special that being famous has prevented her from getting into hot water with the police.


British songstress Adele has confessed to fame having some advantages. Image via Twitter @OfficialPLT

Adele’s fame got her out of trouble when she was pulled over by police in the US.

The I Drink Wine hitmaker was asked by Hollywood legend Samuel L Jackson during a Q&A segment of her An Audience With Adele ITV special – which aired on Sunday night 21 November – if she’s ever used her “Adeleality” to get herself out of a parking ticket.

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And though she had never got a ticket, the 33-year-old Grammy-winner recalled a time when she was pulled over while driving to the supermarket in Los Angeles in a rental car with windows that were “tinted too dark”.

She told the star-studded audience – which also included the likes of Dame Emma Thompson, Emma Watson, Richard E Grant, and Stormzy – at the London Palladium:

“I was in the fast lane, and I was driving a rental and the windows were tinted a bit too dark or something. I was on my way to the supermarket and I was minding my own business and a police car pulled up behind me and I didn’t know what to do, so I just stopped!”

“So he pulls me over and I followed him. I gave him my British driver’s license, which looked nothing like me because it was my photo from when I was 17.”

Fortunately, the officer’s wife had phoned him and she screamed at him and told him who she was – and Adele was let off.


The Hello hitmaker continued:

“He goes back to the car and he comes back and he’s on the phone with his wife who is screaming her head off. And he’s like, ‘I’m so sorry, Adele. You do whatever you need to do’.”

“So she saved the day really.”


Earlier in the evening, the superstar halted her rendition of her hit song Easy On Me as she was nervous about performing the emotional track. After abruptly pausing, she swore:

“No stop, start again! I’m s******* myself.”

The Skyfall hitmaker carried on with the song and the crowd erupted into applause as she nailed the high notes.

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