Natasha has a heart of gold

Image via Twitter @NatashaThahane

Actress Natasha Thahane offers riot victims roof over their heads

Natasha Thahane has left many people feeling inspired after she offered to help a family left stranded by the riots.

Natasha has a heart of gold

Image via Twitter @NatashaThahane

Former Skeem Saam and Blood & Water star Natasha Thahane has joined the ranks of local celebrities who have jumped in to help South Africa recover from the recent rioting and looting in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

In a heartwarming Twitter post, the actress offered to pay for the month-long accommodation of a family who lost their home in a fire started by looters.

Tweeting with substance

Unlike many celebs who headed to Twitter to touch on the matter but did not offer any real solutions, Thahane has helped ease the burden on at least one family’s shoulders after she offered to pay for their accommodation.

Thahane’s generosity comes after one man with the handle, @@Thabane_ ,headed to Twitter to share how he was standing on the side of the road with no idea about where he is going to stay after the apartment building he was living in, was engulfed in flames that were started by brazen looters.

“They’ve just burnt the apartment building my family and I are staying in. I’m standing on the streets with an 11-month-old and a petrified four-year-old. I’ve never experienced so much pain,” he wrote.

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Natasha to the rescue

After seeing the tweet, the kind-hearted Thahane decided that she could not watch helplessly while a family wondered about where they were resting their heads every night.

While she was only able to offer one month’s accommodation at an AirBnB, her tweet was enough to leave internet users with tears in their eyes.

‘Can I please book an Airbnb for you & your family for the rest of the month? So sorry you’re going through this,’ she wrote.

Mzansi loves Natasha’s gesture

Many locals headed to the comment section where they shared touching comments about Natasha’s amazing act of kindness. Read a few of their comments about her offer to help below:

@OMNdex said:

“May the good Lord Almighty bless you abundantly

@Gugulethu_Nene said:

“Natasha is a pure soul that comes from a good family that believes in God. She is helping where she can and with a pure heart. God bless you further for this. Not everyone can do this.”

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