Connie Ferguson conquers fear

Connie Ferguson. Image via Inatagram @connie_ferguson

‘Shaolin Master’ helps Connie Ferguson conquer a lifetime fear [watch]

Actress Connie Ferguson shows her big balls as she conquers her lifetime fear during an expensive vacation.

Connie Ferguson conquers fear

Connie Ferguson. Image via Inatagram @connie_ferguson

Former The Queen actress Connie Ferguson has finally conquered her lifetime fear at 52 years old. What a wonderful and patient lady who doesn’t give up until she wins.

Connie is considered as one of the most formidable actresses in South Africa and she has shown a lot of such in the past. Like many, Connie had been afraid of heights and had never gotten on a swing. Thank God, she finally gathered her guts and tried it as she enjoyed her holidays.

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Indeed, life begins at 40; if we had asked Connie if she would board a swing, the answer would be NO. Rolling in the air, Connie’s face showed so much fear. She looked like she was going to have a heart attack, but moments later, she enjoyed

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There is no better feeling than conquering a lifetime of fear, which is what Connie Ferguson’s face showed. Of course, there is an excellent price to being courageous, as she showed during the weekend.

Connie Ferguson conquers fear
Connie Ferguson. Image via Instagram @connie_ferguson


Dubbed one of the most formidable actresses in the country, no one could have ever imagined that she feared to swing. Most of her television characters portray a tough lady who is fearless. The role of The Queen as Harriet Khoza was one that most showed a tough and courageous nature.

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In real life, Connie is a severe and successful businesswoman; she doesn’t fear anything. Everything around Connie suggests she could not have a lifetime fear of swinging. She goes for a kill.

Despite living a lifetime with the fear ti swing, Connie has shown one of her routed attributes. She is a lady who does not stop trying and doesn’t give up. Connie managed to swing at 52 when she had feared it her whole life. She always believes that it’s not too late.

Watch as Connie Ferguson congueros her lifetime fear