'Muvhango' actor Thabo Malema as Tshenolo

‘Muvhango’ actor Thabo Malema as Tshenolo. Image via Instagram @thabomalemasa

Actor Thabo Malema joins ‘Muvhango’ as Mpho’s baby daddy Tshenolo

Malema will play the role of Tshenolo, Ndivhuwo’s father and Mpho’s baby daddy on ‘Muvhango’.

'Muvhango' actor Thabo Malema as Tshenolo

‘Muvhango’ actor Thabo Malema as Tshenolo. Image via Instagram @thabomalemasa

Twitter was abuzz on Wednesday 18 August when entertainment commentator Phil Mphela announced that fan favourite actor Thabo Malema has joined Muvhango to play the role of Ndivhuwo’s father and Mpho’s baby daddy Tshenolo.

Tshenolo has been pretending to be his daughter Ndiwavho’s (Shudufhadzo Mathagwa) online boyfriend under the false name of Katlego for several weeks.

He convinced her to move from Venda to Johannesburg to meet up with him on Tuesday (17 August).

She will find out tonight (19 August) who he really is and discover that Mpho (Azwimmbavhi Rambuda) is her mother.

Mpho’s fiancé Tenda (Nathaniel Ramabulana) will be jealous when Tshenolo offers to pay damages to Mpho’s family in September.

Ndivhuwo will also attempt to commit suicide when she can’t handle the pressure next month (September).

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Malema recently (June 2021) exited Scandal! where he played the role of a villainous police captain called Bohang.

Viewers of the show loved and hated his character as he was both psychotic and entertaining.

His fans still tweet about his most memorable line ‘Dumela Seipati’ (Hello Seipati) which he used whenever he called the woman Seipati (Nolo Seabi) he was physically and emotionally abusing on Scandal!

His recent Chicken Licken commercial is also one of the most talked-about adverts of 2021.

He plays the role of Michael Nyathi driving around town with the talking car Kitt just like the American actor Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) back in the 1990s.

In the advert Knight is trying to win back his precious Kitt but Nyathi maintains that Kitt was not stolen and has relocated to South Africa.

The Mabopane-born actor has also appeared in season one of Lithapo as Mfazwe, seasons one and two of The River as Ten Ten, season one of The Estate as Boikanyo Mphahlele and so many more.

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