Abuse GBV

Jub Jub and DJ Black Coffee are just two of the many Mzansi celebrities who have been accuses of abuse in 2021. Image: @realblackcoffee and @official_jubjub/ Instagram

It’s been a grim year: Mzansi celebs accused of abuse in 2021

From the recent Jub Jub rape claims to Mohale accusing Somizi of abuse, take a look at celebs in the spotlight due to abuse allegations.

Abuse GBV

Jub Jub and DJ Black Coffee are just two of the many Mzansi celebrities who have been accuses of abuse in 2021. Image: @realblackcoffee and @official_jubjub/ Instagram

With the coronavirus pandemic taking over the world, Mzansi has also been facing an epidemic of their own: Gender-based violence (GBV). Multiple allegations of abuse have given light to the fact that numerous celebrities are not only perpetrators… but victims too.

There have been a lot of hair-raising headlines regarding celebrities and abuse allegations in 2021. GBV is a hot topic in Mzansi that needs to be extinguished.

With 2021 drawing to a close and even more cases of alleged abuse coming to light, one can only hope for brighter days ahead.


Big names have been tarnished, families broken, jobs lost and SO much more! Being on the wrong side of a GBV accusation can ruin you… even if it is not true.

Here we take a look at some of the celebrities who have had South Africa in shock after abuse allegations against them surfaced in 2021.


The most recent saga that has covered headlines across Mzansi, involves singer and former Uyajola 9/9 host Jub Jub.

Actress Amanda du Pont recently came out, claiming Jub Jub had sexually assaulted her many years ago. Many other women have come forward since Amanda spoke out, claiming they too had been assaulted by Jub Jub.

Jub Jub has since apologised to Amanda for speaking of personal matters on MacG’s Podcast And Chill.


Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee’s messy divorce had many skeletons falling out of the closet. The Grammy-nominated DJ has been accused of many things in the past — from drug abuse to adultery. However, it is the abuse claims from Enhle that cost him the respect of many.

In an emotional clip, Enhle claims Black Coffee physically assaulted her on her 33rd birthday in their Sandton home. This was just one of the alleged “many times” Black Coffee laid his hands on his ex-wife. Enhle eventually got a protection order put in place.


Actor Mohale Motaung and media personality Somizi split earlier this year. Shortly after their separation, Mohale accused Somizi of domestic violence.

Youth Village reports that Mohale claimed Somizi broke two ribs and almost knocked his teeth out of his mouth.

Somizi denied the allegations and took the matter to lawyers to deal with. He was dropped by Idols SA as a judge, as well as Metro FM host.


Unlike the other allegations, this seems to be more of an issue of a “catfight”.

Media personality Boity Thulo got gashed with a bottle in a nightclub and claimed former Metro FM deejay and presenter Bujy was the culprit. The two had apparently gotten into a bit of a brawl and things got wild!

Bujy was arrested and later came forward to apologise for the way in which he handled the matter. While Bujy admitted he could have gone about it differently, he still believes Boity had an equal part to play in it all.

“I have been accused of GBV which in no way sits well with me as I have been labelled as an abuser which I am not and it saddens me to see how this has spiralled out with people believing and siding with one side of a story.”

Bujy Bikwa

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The kwaito star came forward to admit guilt on his own accord. Seeing the rising cases of GBV, Kabelo wanted to right his wrongs.


Trying to contact the woman he had abused when he was a youngster, Kabelo was unsuccessful. Taking accountability for his actions, is the example Kabelo wanted to set.