Gerard Butler Springboks gladiator

Springboks stars. image via Instagram @ox_nche

A bulldozer with brains: Springboks star’s academic qualifications shock the world

A mix of power and a sharp brain gets you the best – Springboks’ scrum bulldozer’s academic qualifications shocked fans.

Gerard Butler Springboks gladiator

Springboks stars. image via Instagram @ox_nche

Springboks scrum bulldozer Ox Nché’s academic qualifications shock the world.

Academic qualifications are the least expected for one to become a top rugby player.

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Some top rugby players do not even have degrees, but Ox is not one of them.

Ox is regarded among the world’s finest scrummagers, but most fans were not sure of his sharpness.

The South African star’s most assertive is his power and stamina, but who knows? His brain must be helping him so much.

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To many fans’ surprise, Ox is a University graduate, but he forgot to celebrate his qualification for about two years.

Sharing on his Instagram, the Springboks scrum spoke of his education.

“@SharksRugby’s Bulldozer 🇿🇦 Prominent @BokRugby’s prop,🎓 Recent graduate in Geography and Statistics”


Thanks to his sister, Ox Nché had forgotten to celebrate his graduation, and probably we would not have known it.

He shared on his Instagram, thanking his lecturers, classmates and friends.

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“So my lil sister❤ organised me a grad shoot since I couldn’t have one two years ago🙏🏾❤.” he said.

“Thankful for the classmates,lecturers and friends I had then. Wouldn’t have done this without them🙏🏾💌” he finished.

Ox Nché graduated from the University of the Free State.


After the Springboks scrum bulldozer shared his graduation pictures, many fans were shocked by his academic qualifications.

“Congrats 🎉🎊 They should rename the GIS lab, “Ox Lab” 😂”

“Amazing, this go just doesn’t stop. Keep up the inspirational work man 🇿🇦🌍🙌”

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“Played, champ. Can’t wait for that first graduation night down down pic”

“How dare you not share this with us, the #OxKraal, on Twitter! 😢”

“This 👏 we appreciate educated athletes, definitely changing the narrative. We’ll done and congratulations @ox_nche.”

“Dont know who you are or why this was shown to me by istagram. But Im glad it showed. Made me happy. All the best to your and your family”