CBD coffee

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Keep calm and drink your coffee: The ABCs of CBD

Adding CBD to your coffee helps you to increase your focus, keep calm and also relieves pain.

CBD coffee

Image via Adobe Stock.

Although the move to include cannabidiol (CBD) in mainstream products started two years ago, more premium coffee shops are offering customers this augmented option.

But not everyone is convinced. Many people are wary of the use of CBD as they believe that they will get a “high” from the warm beverage and have not bought into the idea as fervently as others. Take a look at flawless CBD coffee.

Here’s why you should consider adding this natural fuel to your coffee.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC for short, is the compound that is found in cannabis that is responsible for the “high” feeling that people get when using the substance. CBD however, removes this psychoactive cannabinoid and provides the user with a better quality of life. While research on this topic is still being conducted, there are a few proven health benefits of CBD.

CBD relieves anxiety

Studies have shown that CBD can help people to manage their anxiety and it is often preferred over anti-anxiety medication. Anxiety and depression are often managed with pharmaceutical drugs that usually come with unwanted side effects, thus making people more inclined to choose the hemp plants as a more natural approach to manage their mental health.

So, mixing CBD with your morning coffee reduces side effects such as anxiety but also enhances the mental alertness that is found in the caffeine.

Natural Pick-Me-Up

Including cannabidiol in your coffee will also lift your mood. The oil has been proven to activate the serotonin receptor, also known as the “happy chemical” in the brain, and enhances your mood.

Adding CBD to your coffee helps you to increase your focus, keep calm and also relieves pain and symptoms caused by certain lifestyle diseases such as cancer.

Some daily medication does not mix well with CBD, so it is important to do further research should you be enticed by this energy booster liquid.