mclaren abandoned

Someone abandoned their McLaren on Tuesday night this week. Images via Twitter: @wspd1pio

Driver CRASHES R3.1m McLaren and abandons it on side of road!

It isn’t every day that someone crashes their R3.1m 2020 McLaren 600 LT and then just disappears into thin air…

mclaren abandoned

Someone abandoned their McLaren on Tuesday night this week. Images via Twitter: @wspd1pio

Here in South Africa, our celebrities argue about owning a McLaren on their social media pages. In America, people abandon McClarens after they crash them – or at least one person did. According to reports, the totaled multimillion-rand car was found abandoned on the side of the road with no trace of the driver in sight.

It is unclear why the car was abandoned, but police are investigating the matter.

Driver abandons McLaren after totaling it

A 2020 McLaren 600 LT was left abandoned on the side of the road in Washington state, the New York Post reports.

According to the publication, the car was found by state police near Tacoma in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The police also shared photos of the badly damaged sports car which was apparently crashed into a guard rail.

Responding to a query about any injuries that may have been sustained by the driver, the police wrote:

“We aren’t sure. The driver fled the scene!”

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Fleeing from trouble?

Meanwhile, Trooper John Dattilo told the Oregonian Wednesday that the owner of the car still hasn’t been found.

The number plates do however indicate that the owner lives in Washington.

He also added that this kind of thing happens when drivers don’t want to get into trouble. According to him, it doesn’t usually happen with cars as expensive as McLarens.

“This kind of crash happens all the time, where people don’t want to get in trouble so they leave the car behind,” Dattilo told the Oregonian.

“But it’s not necessarily common for it to be a $200,000 McLaren, though.”

After seeing the post, one Twitter user, @SAshrafMeer1 speculated that it may have been stolen:

“That looks like a stolen car. The owner probably has a better sense of the height clearance,” he wrote.

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