Domestic worker graduate

Images via Facebook: Elizabeth Ely

Inspiration to many: 60-year-old domestic worker becomes a graduate

60-year-old Elizabeth Ely went from being a domestic worker to a Business Management graduate and SA absolutely loves to see it!

Domestic worker graduate

Images via Facebook: Elizabeth Ely

Elizabeth Ely has proven to all of us that age is really nothing but a number. The Johannesburg domestic worker has become a graduate at the age of 60. Heading online, she shared snaps of herself in a cap and gown and her fellow South Africans couldn’t be more proud.

From cleaner to graduate: The 60-year-old breaking barriers

Elizabeth Ely is no ordinary woman. She recently inspired many people in South Africa and abroad when she took to her Facebook page to share how she went from being a domestic worker to a graduate.

The heartwarming post features two photos of her. The first in her workwear and the second in a cap gown with her certificate at hand. She also explains that is now the proud owner of a Business Management degree.

“From a domestic worker to a Business Management graduate.#Virtual Graduation Ceremony 2021,” she captioned the post.

A quick scroll through her Facebook page also reveals that she is very religious and relies a lot on the word of God as her motivation when it comes to everything she has managed to achieve this far.

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Many people are super inspired by the domestic worker

Not a lot comes close to watching someone reach goals that often seem unobtainable. This must be why Elizabeth’s post amassed nearly 300 likes and over 190 comments from Facebookers who showered her with well wishes and congratulatory messages:

Moira Ellie Jimba said:

“Yasssss ???????????????????????? congratulations. So proud of you!”

Nazeema Samuels said:

“Amandla ????????????. Proud much Elizabeth Ely. May God continue to pave your way with success. Stay blessed and focused dear ????????????”

Alistair William Allies said:

“Congratulations. May Christ pave all roads ahead with gold and good fortune❤️❤️????????????”

While Vivienne Masembate wrote:

“Congratulations servant of God. May God bless you even more!”

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