These jobs pay the most in South Africa. Image via Unsplash

Need a change of scenery and more cash? These jobs pay the most

We’d all love to do what we love but sometimes we have to do whatever pays the bills. These high-paying jobs will help you do that easily.


These jobs pay the most in South Africa. Image via Unsplash

Everyone has thought about a change of careers at least once in their lives. While for many, money isn’t everything, the cost of living here in South Africa is definitely making people reconsider what they do for a living. For those looking to switch things up and make more money while their at it, there are jobs that can help with that.

Jobs with the highest salaries in SA

While many of these jobs are fairly difficult and require people to be at a certain level of intelligence, they sure do pay off once all the hard work and studying are done.

Specialist medical doctors – Doctors who specialise in a certain medical field can earn from R700 000 to R2 million per annum.

Actuaries – In South Africa, actuaries earn from R597 000 to R1 million and are responsible for calculating and managing risk and uncertainty in businesses

Architects – Skilled architects earn from R715 000 to R1.2 million a year depending on the projects they work on and their level of experience.

Chartered accountants – These accountants earn between R489 000 to over R700 000 a year.

Lawyers – Lawyers can earn from R41 000 to R1.2 million per year.

Pilots – Pilots earn from R690 000 to R950 000 per year.

Software engineers – These tech geniuses earn up to R1.2 million.

Sales managers can make anything from R155 000 to R727 000 per year while management consultants can make up to R869 000 per year according to Political Analysis.

Which skill-sets are in high demand?

Meanwhile, BusinessTech reports that the following jobs are the most in-demand at the moment in South Africa.


  • Product management
  • Events and coordination planning


  • Real estate / property agent
  • Commodities / financial service agent
  • Account management


  • Internal auditing
  • External auditing
  • Payroll and wages

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