R16 million Lotto Plus jackpot winner.

R16 million Lotto Plus jackpot winner. Images via X @sa_lottery

Western Cape resident wins R16 million in Lotto Plus jackpot

Ithuba confirms a Western Cape resident has bagged the R16 million Lotto Plus jackpot from the 11 May draw.

R16 million Lotto Plus jackpot winner.

R16 million Lotto Plus jackpot winner. Images via X @sa_lottery

A Western Cape resident became an instant millionaire when he won the R16 million Lotto Plus jackpot.


IOL reports that a Cape Town resident won R16 million in the Lotto Plus 2 draw on 11 May via the Absa banking app. Ithuba confirms that the Western Cape resident bagged R16,835,658.98.

The other South African who won R12,983,575.35 on 11 May, on the Lotto Plus 1 draw has not yet claimed their prize.

The National Lottery adds that the winner visited the Ithuba Western Cape office this week to collect his millions.

The winner tells Ithuba that words cannot describe his gratitude for the life-changing opportunity.

“Words cannot describe my gratitude for this life-changing opportunity. Winning this jackpot is a dream come true. I am immensely thankful to the National Lottery for making it possible.”

The winner adds that he will continue to work, spending wisely and will be responsible with his money.

“I will not splurge on anything extravagant. After covering essential expenses, I plan to visit serene locations surrounded by nature. Soak in the tranquillity and enjoy my newfound peace of mind,” he adds.

It is reported that the Western Cape resident spent R60 on his quick pick winning ticket.


Ithuba CEO Charmaine Mabuza has congratulated the R16 million Lotto Plus winner.

“We are delighted to see our players taking charge of their finances by making use of the expert financial advice we offer.”

“This helps ensure the longevity of their winnings, often lasting for generations when the right financial decisions are made.”

Nick Nkosi, who is the managing executive: transactional banking at Absa Everyday Banking says Absa has worked hard to enhance and provide cutting edge, secure digital banking solutions for their customers.

“As a result, we saw a staggering surge in digital transactions to 2.7 billion, among them lottery transactions, over the past year,” adds Nkosi.

All winners over R50,000 receive free financial and trauma counselling. Players must be 18 years and older.