CPT gym

Cape Town gum co-owner and coach accused of filming female gym member inside showers. Image via Unsplash

Cape Town gym owner accused of filming woman in showers

The gym co-owner, who is also a coach, has been removed from the company’s WhatsApp group and from running the gym’s social media accounts.

CPT gym

Cape Town gum co-owner and coach accused of filming female gym member inside showers. Image via Unsplash

The co-owner of a Cape Town gym is under fire for allegedly sexually harassing a female member by filming her while she was taking a shower — TimesLIVE reports.


According to the publication, the man (who cannot be named) is a “respected trainer and co-owner of the business which has attracted professional athletes”.

The incident is said to have taken place two weeks ago when the alleged victim noticed a phone with the camera pointed toward her after showering. Initially, she thought someone had left it by accident but was later distraught when she found out that it had been recording her and that the cellphone belonged to her coach.

“There’s so much respect for this man and everyone’s really shocked. This is devastating and I feel disgusted,” one female member was quoted as saying.

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After being exposed, the gym co-owner released an apology to the victim:

“It is with deep shame and regret that I confess to you I violated the privacy of a person, who is not only a member … but also a friend who trusted me implicitly.”

On the other hand, the other gym co-owner has not commented or addressed the incident — a decision that has angered the victim.

“I am angered that the two owners have abandoned their team and provided no support or remorse for what happened,” she said in a statement to the gym.

She also said the accused co-owner’s actions were disturbing and expressed that his apology was “hollow”.

“It goes way beyond an invasion of privacy, it’s sexual assault. I pray that these videos have not been shared with others. How many are there? Who else did he film? I feel ill thinking what he used them for.”

TimesLIVE also revealed that the accused gym co-owner has been removed from gym WhatsApp groups and is no longer running the gym’s social media page. In addition, he has reportedly released another apology and committed to seeking help.

“I commit to seeking professional counsel to address the causes that may have given rise to my regrettable action. To instil a sense of comfort for you and set a path towards healing, forgiveness and reconciliation, I am taking a leave of absence with immediate effect until further decisions and actions have been concluded.”