takeaways lockdown uber eats restaurant currently unavilalb

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Lockdown: Urgent request made for restaurants to deliver food, takeaways

If you’ve given up hope of getting your favourite takeaway between now and the end of lockdown, there may be a glimmer of hope we can cling to.

takeaways lockdown uber eats restaurant currently unavilalb

Photo: Pixabay

Us South Africans have been left to feel like our noses have been pushed out of joint with these lockdown measures. We can’t go for a jog, we can’t pick up any booze or ciggies, and getting a takeaway is even out of the question. The government confirmed food delivery services “would cease” during the 21-day lockdown.

Bring back our takeaways, the DA say

However, this has gone down like a lead balloon across South Africa – and it’s even piqued the interest of the DA. Shadow minister of tourism Manny de Freitas has taken umbrage with the measure, which he believes was a step too far. His argument states that takeaways and food delivery options aren’t always a luxury:

“While Annexure B of the regulations lists ‘any food product’ as an essential good and ‘the production and sale’ of food products as an essential service – the regulations do not take into consideration people who are unable to physically go to places that supply food.

“There are many who are confined to their homes, for whatever reason, and use food delivery services and online delivery services not as a luxury but as a necessity. Restaurants should be allowed to keep their kitchens open for food delivery and pick-up within the parameters set for hygiene – while keeping their sit-down areas closed.”

Manny De Freitas

Lockdown: What should happen next?

Linked to this, De Freitas also stated that food and grocery delivery services – such as UberEats, Mr Delivery or even services run by restaurants themselves, “should also be allowed to operate during lockdown”.

The DA representative will now write to Tourism Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane, to request that she makes urgent representations to her colleagues on the executive to amend the lockdown regulations. He’s hoping for an immediate response to have this decision overturned as soon as possible.