Can you guess who said it? Zum

Can you guess who said it? Zuma vs Trump quotes quiz

Wanna have a bit of fun? Take our quiz to see if you can figure out which mouthy president said what.

Can you guess who said it? Zum

What does Jacob Zuma and Donald Trump have in common?

The answer is simple: a bit, but not all that much.

Both heads of State are often trending for some or other absurd reason, but there’s one difference.

One has a solid personal defense force, always ready to put a clever, yet unconvincing, spin on whatever hot water he may find himself. And he is hardly ever called on to defend himself.

The other goes on Twitter rants with full-on attacks against the “haters”, “fake news” and “phony reporters”.

Over the years, President Zuma has given us some memorable soundbites, often confusing, some shocking and others downright ridiculous.

So has his American counterpart who, since the early days of his Presidential campaign, has been unrelenting in providing a daily barrage of memorable quotes.

But can you guess who said what from the quotes below? Go on, try your worst.

1. Do you mind if I sit back a little? Because your breath is really bad.

2. People tend to find something to talk about <redacted>. My surname is very nice and simple. Very simple, so they like pronouncing it all the time. So what’s the problem?

3. There is no cloud above my head – there is not even a mist.

4. I have been dealing with politicians all my life. All my life. And I’ve always gotten them to do what I need them to do

5. You have less rights because you are a minority. Absolutely, that’s how democracy works

6. “Private jets cost a lot of money.

7. We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly but always pursue solidarity.

8. The Constitution is only here to regulate matters.

9. If you just give me six months to be a dictator, things will be straight.

10. I would never want a book’s autograph. I’m a proud non-reader of books.

Think you’ve cracked it? Find the answers below.

1. Donald Trump to Larry King.
2. Jacob Zuma at the height of the Nkandla controversy.
3. A confident Jacob Zuma in the lead up to the 2009 general elections.
4. Donald Trump – Persuading Congress should be a breeze then.
5. Jacob Zuma – That is not exactly how it works Mr President.
6. If you thought this was said in an engagement with Pravin Gordhan, you’re close. But it was actually Donald Trump who said this.
7. A surprisingly coherent Donald Trump.
8. Zuma rather nonchalant about the Supreme law of the country.
9. A terrifying glimpse into Jacob Zuma’s darkest fantasies.
10. Kanye West.