Cameron’s new wife: Five thing

@nef_val / Instagram / Nefeli Valakelis

Cameron’s new wife: Five things you might not know about Nefeli Valakelis

Cameron van der Burgh put a ring on it in the most extravagant Greek wedding but what do we really know about Nefeli Valakelis?

Cameron’s new wife: Five thing

@nef_val / Instagram / Nefeli Valakelis

Nefeli Valakenis has quickly become South Africa’s newest sweetheart, after images of her and her new hubby’s dream wedding.

We took the time to delve deep into the archives and really get to know who Cameron van der Burgh’s beautiful Greek bride is.

Nefeli Valakelis is just as smart as she is beautiful

Nefeli may be thriving in her advertising career, working as an Account Manager at Ogilvy & Mathers, but she also has a background in the legal field. She obtained her law degree in 2011, at the University of Pretoria, and passed all four legal board exams.

She has worked as a Candidate Trade Mark attorney at Smit & Van Wyk for a while before moving onto become a Legal Advisor at Parabis.

Her creative acumen and managing Above-The-Line projects is what motivated her to make the industry move to work for one of the biggest advertising companies in the country.

She is a health and fitness fanatic

There is not much research that needs to be done to realise how important health and fitness is to Nefeli. After all, with Cameron being a multi Olympic gold medalist, it should be easier for him to keep up with his wife’s health standards.

Nefeli Valakelis / Facebook

She truly lives up to her name

Nefeli by design was meant to be thriving in the legal industry. However, by the true virtue of her name, she took control of her own destiny and chose a career path in the advertising industry.

Her name, Nefeli, is defined as one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams, or one who does not obey the conventions of society, literature or art.

Family is the highlight of her Instagram

Many women like Nefeli often use the image sharing app to showcase their lifestyle. For many, it is all about them and how current they are with the latest trend.

We had a scroll down her Instagram profile and many of what she shares are clearly things that she holds dear to her heart: Cameron, of course, and her family. There is not much you will know about her family since she keeps her personal business private, as it should be.

This one is a giveaway. Cameron is a big part of her life. Judging from her social media, she is not shy about giving us peeks into the blissful life they share.

We are certainly not complaining because they are perfect for each other.