Altitude beach

Locals went absolutely wild at Altitude Beach last weekend. Images via Twitter: @AvelaMAwisa

Call the party police! Partygoers go buck wild at Altitude Beach [watch]

‘What the heck is happening at Altitude Beach,’ one tweep asked after spotting a number of people losing their morals at the Fourways club.

Altitude beach

Locals went absolutely wild at Altitude Beach last weekend. Images via Twitter: @AvelaMAwisa

It’s the festive season in South Africa and pretty lax lockdown rules mean more parties and less decent behaviour. As expected a number of events have popped up and club doors have opened. Altitude Beach in Fourways is one of those places and online footage shows peeps couldn’t be any more excited.

Locals forget their manners at Altitude Beach

Things are seemingly going back to normal here in South Africa. Judging by the large amounts of bizarre clips online, South Africans are wholeheartedly enjoying the fact that there are more events and open clubs to visit.

Most recently, a number of videos showing people losing their morals at Altitude Beach have been shared online. In the clips, one man is pole dancing right before taking to the floor and basically humping it.

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Another clip also taken at Altitude Beach shows a young lady climbing on top of a man. She then begins grinding on him while surrounded by a bunch of other partygoers who appear to be thoroughly enjoying the show.

“What the hell is happening at the Altitude Beach club right the f*ck now,” one shocked tweep captioned one of the videos.

Another was captioned: “There was this moment at Altitude beach yesterday lmao.”

Take a look at the clips below:

Meanwhile, Juju visits the legendary Konka

We also reported how Sunday 14 November was an exciting day at Konka Soweto. Amapiano producer Mas Musiq and rappers AKA and Yanga Chief were on the lineup for the day! Babalwa Mneno was celebrating her birthday at Konka.

One surprise addition to the Konka lineup was Julius Malema. The 40-year-old politician showed off his DJing skills when he shared a set with Linda Moeketsi. Malema played Kamo Mphela’s hit single Nkulunkulu.

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