ghosted coma

Brie was ghosted by her fiance after going into a coma for four weeks. Images via TikTok: @hotcomagirl

Ghosted: Woman awakes from coma to find fiancé dumped her

27-year-old Brie was stunned when she woke up from a four week coma to find that her partner of four years is living with his new lover.

ghosted coma

Brie was ghosted by her fiance after going into a coma for four weeks. Images via TikTok: @hotcomagirl

A young woman is living a movie life and unfortunately, it isn’t much of a fairytale- in fact, it’s a hit of a horror. According to Brie Duval from Australia, her life took a turn for the worse when she fell headfirst in a parking lot after a night of drinking with her friends and ended up in a coma.

She remained comatose after the fall and finally four weeks later, she had a very rude awakening thanks to her fiancé.

Woman’s fiancé ghosts her while she was in a coma

For many couples, love is waiting for your partner and sticking by their side through sickness and in health, right? Wrong!

One woman found this out the hard way after she had a horrible accident that saw her being airlifted to the emergency room and laying in a coma for weeks. 

When she finally woke up, she decided to reach out to her partner of four years but got a shocking response.

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“So I opened my phone going to message him when a message pops up from this woman that says I am now with [partner’s name]. I have moved him out. He’s now living with me and my son, please do not contact him,” she said, describing the other woman’s message.

“I have not heard from him since I have been in hospital, he’s completely and utterly left me in the dust. So I don’t even have closure as to why this happened,” added Duval, who remained hospitalized for five months receiving treatment, The Mirror reports.

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Salt on the words

What made things worse for Brie was that all of this was going on during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic and so she wasn’t allowed any visitors from friends or family who could at least comfort her.

“It’s been very hard mentally, there’s definitely a bit of PTSD from everything that has happened, I’m just trying to sort through my emotions, going through the accident and then having that letdown of a relationship,” Duval told the publication.

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