Media personality Nico Panagio Woolworths. Image via Twitter @NicoPanagio

Woolworths reacts to Nico Panagio’s over pricing tweet

Actor and ‘Survivor South Africa’ TV host Nico Panagio’s tweet lamenting the prices of groceries at Woolworths has gone viral.


Media personality Nico Panagio Woolworths. Image via Twitter @NicoPanagio

TV host and actor Nico Panagio took to Twitter on Tuesday to lament Woolworths’ prices on groceries.  

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The former 7de Laan actor and Survivor South Africa host Nico Panagio wrote in a tweet to Woolworths SA it’s “been wonderful having you around – great quality (most of the time); however, since you keep putting your prices up (weekly, it seems), you’re gonna see us less and less. Thought I should tell you since we’ve been in a trading relationship for so very long.”

A Woolworths spokesperson told News24: “At Woolworths, we strive to keep our price increases to an absolute minimum. There are, however, circumstances that often lie outside our control which have an impact on price adjustments. We will only accept a price adjustment as a last resort after exploring all avenues to prevent one.”

“Based on our long-term relationships with our partners, we work as a collective to best understand how we mitigate price increases. Additionally, we track thousands of industry prices on a weekly basis to ensure Woolworths remains competitive. Several independent market price surveys on the everyday basket of items conducted in 2022 reaffirm our commitment to Price, Quality, and Value for our customers.”

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Radio presenter Suga-Funk tweeted: “I worked at Woolies. I am proud of that, and the experience gained. Life-long lessons. Just can’t shop there anymore.”

Algoa FM presenter Wayne Hart revealed: “I think we would be incredibly naive to think this is only a Woolworths ‘problem’.”


“Me too. For example long-life milk. R111 for 6!? Used to be R72 then R79 then R89 and now R111. Within 1 year. This is only one item. Instant coffee Jacobs used to be R89 on special. Now R139?!!! Mad. And this is all the shops.”


“I even complained to them. They literally increase their prices weekly. The kiddies school juice is always R2 more every week. How on earth can they increase 6 packs of milk from R89 to R111 in a week? Everything is overpriced now @Woolworths.”

There was no further comment from the actor Nico Panagio at the time of publishing this article. 

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Image via Twitter @incwajana

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