What summer body? Woolies intr

Chuckles ice cream. Image: Woolworths/Twitter

What summer body? Woolies introduces new Chuckles flavour ice cream

In their attempt to ‘fix 2021’, Woolies introduced a new ice cream flavour based on their ionic malt Chuckles!

What summer body? Woolies intr

Chuckles ice cream. Image: Woolworths/Twitter

After Woolies’ “hake sausages” divided the internet, South Africans are celebrating the fact that the supermarket just introduced Chuckles flavour ice cream – made from their ionic malt Chuckles!

Woolies | Chuckles flavour ice cream

When Woolworths announced on Twitter that they’ve just “saved 2021” with the release of their Chuckles flavour ice cream, South Africans said that they are now worried for their “summer bodies”.

Iconic products

Nevertheless, commenting on the latest additions to the line – Chuckles Malt Crunch dairy ice cream and Mini Malt Crunch solos – product developer for Woolworths frozen foods department, Carol Weideman said that they are extremely excited about this launch, as they have been working and wanting to introduce specifically the Ice cream for a while now:

“Overall, the flavour and texture delivery should remind your senses of eating our ionic malt Chuckles,” Weideman told IOL.

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The ice cream is ultimately made from malt flavoured dairy ice cream, enrobed in a milk chocolate coating with crisp malt meringue pieces.

What about our summer bodies?

“This right here is shenanigans, tomfoolery!!! How am I supposed to eat healthy with such temptation?!?!” a Twitter user by the name, Devils Avocado said, before adding “you two are agents of this temptation!!! *As I go to the fridge to eat the Tin Roof to make space for the Chuckles….”

“Oh no we are trying to lose weight guys,” said a Twitter user by the name Winky. “Maybe bc this looks like it tastes heavenly,” said Small.

Chuckles Malt Dairy Ice Cream 2L retails for R89.99 while the Mini Solos (6 x 55g) is going for R86.99.