Give that man a Bells! It’s ‘H

Image: Twitter

Give that man a Bells! It’s ‘Hangover 2’ as voting clip goes viral – again

Footage of an inebriated voter at an election station booth has made a viral comeback on social media. Take a look…

Give that man a Bells! It’s ‘H

Image: Twitter

A video of a clearly intoxicated man has gone viral on social media once again this year during the local elections.

Voting while under the influence in SA

After South Africans took to the polls on 1 November to make their mark in the 2021 Local Elections, a video resurfaced on social media where a man is seen falling around trying to vote.

The video – that was presumably taken back in 2019 according to Cape Town etc – sees the man hold onto the cardboard desktop to balance himself when the whole structure topples over, and he falls ungraciously onto the floor, taking the booth down with him.

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It is not clear where the video was taken, but it’s prompted people to ask whether or not it is acceptable to vote while intoxicated.

Twitter reacts

The video clocked in over 70 000 views so far, with many asking if the unknown man eventually managed. Others asked, was his vote counted, many also wondered if he had managed to make any mark on the ballot paper at all, and some comments questioned how responsible this attitude was while voting.

“It’s a disgrace when people who have registered don’t bother to vote,” asked @RNaidoo on Twitter.

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“Shocked by the hundreds of parties he could choose of,” said @Zonschu, which “could have caused him to be highly drunk,” said @NgcoboThami1.

“Good question. Maybe electoral laws should provide for no voting under the influence. Breatherlisers required,” said @ThabokTk.