White Sangoma

Sangoma Dan Paige. Images via YouTube @POV

UK-born ‘white’ sangoma: ‘I specialise in witchcraft, GBV’ [WATCH]

Sangoma Dan Paige, who was born in the United Kingdom specialises in witchcraft and helps women with (GBV) gender-based violence.

White Sangoma

Sangoma Dan Paige. Images via YouTube @POV

United Kingdom-born white sangoma Dan Paige, who is based in South Africa takes us through his calling, and how he uses witchcraft to help women with GBV.

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White sangoma, Dan Paige revealed on Gigi Lamayne’s podcast Point Of View that he moved from the UK to Botswana and then to South Africa. He also revealed that he doesn’t charge his clients when they consult.

“My strongest point is witchcraft. I don’t charge people, I have ubungoma side (the healing side) and witchcraft. I help mainly women and kids that are suffering from GBV (gender-based violence). if they reach out to me, I help them”

“I will make the man believe that he left her out of his own mind. Or let’s say a child is sexually abused, I make his things not work.”

He adds that he also throws his bones to make sure the woman is not lying because he knows women can be spiteful.

The father of four also explained that he’s never dated a white woman and that his children are half-Nigerian, one is half-Jamaica and another one is half-Botswana, etc.

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In November 2022, thw white sangoma Dan Paige, also known by his ancestral name Toothaker told Drum that he learned about his calling in Alexandra township, in Gauteng province. 

“I’m an inyanga. I learned about my calling in Alexandra township. I have now been practicing for two years,” he tells Drum.

Born and raised in England, before becoming a sangoma, Paige also told the publication that he worked as an IT specialist for Blockchain Technology and other IT solutions.

“I have a degree in games and app development. My life was normal, family-wise. However, I was always getting in and out of trouble with the law. Since I answered my calling, all has been resolved. I’m an inyanga and witchcraft based,” he says.

His ancestors, Rodger Toothaker, Margret Toothaker, and his family were all famous for their witchcraft and were all killed in Salem witch trials or mysteriously died a week after being in prison. There are many different forms of magic,

He moved from the UK to Botswana and then to South Africa to recover financially after a complicated breakup and he was advised to move to South Africa for a clean start.

Arriving in Alexandra, Paige was confused and felt lost as anyone else would be at first when I found out I had a calling.

“I was like how me? I am white. I am fully aware of sangomas, witchcraft, inyangas etcetera. Most of my friends are either African or Jamaican in the UK and my kids are half Jamaican, Nigerian, and Tswana so it wasn’t new to me but I was like me, how I’m white it was all new to me that aspect of it also until I researched deeper.”

When he arrived in Alex, everything was fully explained to him, including what his calling was, and another reading was done.

“I knew I was able to see things before they happen but I had no idea that it was due to my prophecy side,” he says.

He adds that he was criticized and judged for being white and labelled a fake. However, he also wanted to know for himself.

“I knew I would face such stigma, so I downloaded the ancestry app which was something I wanted to do for years I have DNA records of my bloodline as far back as 6000 of ancestral bloodline so far, and everything is also connected then.”

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