Tito Mboweni

Tito Mboweni has been teased over another cooking disaster of his favourit food – pilchards.
Image via Twitter

‘Arrest this man’: Tweeps react to another fishy dish from Tito Mboweni

Something fishy is cooking, and it has everything to do with Tito Mboweni and his less-than-impressive culinary skills…

Tito Mboweni

Tito Mboweni has been teased over another cooking disaster of his favourit food – pilchards.
Image via Twitter

Watching Tito Mboweni prepare a meal is like watching an accident unfold before your very eyes….you know it will end in disaster, but you’re a glutton for punishment.

The former finance minister has developed quite the reputation for his less-than-impressive culinary skills, which prove more entertaining than edible, dare we say.

And this time, his fishy dish is no exception. Here’s how it went down on Twitter


Tito Mboweni’s fish stew contained more tomatoes than a bottle of All Gold Tomato Sauce (that’s 36 for the record).

Tweeps also found Tito’s chopping skills slightly amusing too.

“Your tomatoes ngathi uwasike ngocelemba! [look like you cut them with a machete]”

“Even if you were cooking stew for a wedding party, that’s a lot of tomatoes”

“Mara this doesn’t look like a step, it’s the whole walk!”



Like many previous times, Tito Mboweni got his ratio of vegetables to protein completely wrong.

“If there’s ever a finished supply of garlic in this country, we know where to look. Who cooks with an entire bowl of garlic?”

“That entire garden of vegetables is going to be thrown in the pot?”

“Im surprised you haven’t found a cure for Covid yet”



Tito Mboweni revealed that his main ingredient would be a freshly-caught trio of yellow tail fish

But tweeps pitied the poor fish who “sacrificed” their lives for the meal.

“You gonna make those fish swim in the lepelle river pot”, said one tweep


Posting a pic of his fish seeping in a pot of watery veggies, Tito Mboweni tweeted: “I know what you will say. ‘God, he drowned the fish!’ Fish lives in water! It’s coming on ok!”.

At this point, tweeps were very, very concerned…

“How can I unsee that?”

“The only thing left is to bring back its soul to life, otherwise the fish is back to the river”

“”My chef I knew it was gonna be bad but not at this level


And just like that, dinner was served – and enjoyed by Tito Mboweni himself. But not everyone agreed with the chef and his own compliments.

“Aii ndoda. I’d rather start eating noodles”

“I’m sure you cooked the poor fish with its intestines and a guilty conscious”

“You need protection order to stay far from the kitchen, I mean any kitchen”


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