Ode Danilo

‘You look 16’: South Africans mistake young teacher for student. Image via Twitter @OdeDanilo

‘You look 16’: South Africans mistake young teacher for student

South Africans mistake young KwaZulu-Natal teacher Ode Danilo for a student when he wears his school uniform to school.

Ode Danilo

‘You look 16’: South Africans mistake young teacher for student. Image via Twitter @OdeDanilo

A 24-year-old primary school teacher from KwaZulu-Natal, who identifies himself as Ode Danilo received hilarious comments from South Africans on his social media account when he wore his school uniform to school to celebrate Youth Day.


The young teacher Ode Danilo said teachers were asked to wear their school uniforms the day before Youth Day and he ended up looking like one of the learners at his primary school.

His social media post blew up on Twitter with many South Africans asking him if he’s not one of the learners at his school. 

Danilo’s post also prompted other young teachers from other schools to share their Youth Day photos and experiences.

South Africans also praised the young teacher for his passion for teaching when he shared a picture of his 7-year-old learner who improved on his writing in 2021.

Parents are also praising him for his contribution to the community by teaching children how to read and write, according to Briefly.

The young teacher also said he’s amazed at the rate and quality of his learners’ reading and writing abilities.

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“Please tell us where the fountain of youth is? I wouldn’t even know that you’re a teacher.”


“I legit thought it was a throwback.”


“Haibo Danilo, you looked 16.’


“Bro, you really look like a high school student.”


“Haibo. Go back to grade 8.”


“My nephew is in grade 1 and can’t even spell. I want to fight his teacher after seeing this.”


“They gain skills at different levels. Give him time and practice at home too. Start him off with tracing worksheets. They will train his hand.”


“Whoah!! You look half your age.”  


“Whuuuuu you were gelling with your students. You look 15, great genes hey.”

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