Lulu Menziwa is reportedly South Africa’s richest teacher with a net worth of R7 million. Image via Twitter @MbongiThe

Tweeps drag SA’s ‘richest’ teacher for sharing bikini pictures online

‘Imagine seeing your teacher on social media like this?’: South Africa’s ‘sexiest’ teacher Lulu Menziwa is trolled for her bikini wear.


Lulu Menziwa is reportedly South Africa’s richest teacher with a net worth of R7 million. Image via Twitter @MbongiThe

KwaZulu-Natal-based educator Lulu Menziwa, who is dubbed South Africa’s richest and sexiest teacher is being dragged on Twitter for her bikini wear. 

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The popular teacher Lulu Menziwa didn’t take kindly to being trolled by a tweep with the handle @AdvoBarryRoux, who called her out for sharing her bikini wear online. 

The tweep posted: “South Africa is the only African country that has no morals and principles, We have misinterpreted human Rights. Does SAES have a code of conduct? Imagine seeing your Teacher on social media every time like this.”

Menziwa replied in Sotho: “Yanong o ngwala masepa” (now you’re talking sh*t)

Another tweep @Maloko1Maloko agreed with @AdvoBarryRoux:: “This guy is a jerk, I agree. But aren’t you afraid that your students will see your ass and won’t stop thinking about it when you are in class…I mean men are weak like that.”

While some tweeps agree she can post whatever she wants on her social media pages, some are worried her learners are going to see her half-naked pictures on social media.

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The sexy teacher Lulu Menziwa first trended on social media in 2022 for sharing sexy clothes in the classroom and revealing plenty of cleavage. 

She also made headlines last year when The South African reported on her net worth, which allegedly amounts to R7 million.

While Menziwa’s sexy online pictures and work wardrobe may have parents up in arms, however, it has been reported that the Department of Basic Education does not implement a “dress code” for educators.

Here are more reactions:


“Bro teachers all over the world are on OnlyFans it’s not just SA.”


“As a learner, what are you doing on social media coz it is for 18 years and older.”


“Justify this and say teachers can wear anything, but let us also not forget that they are role models to girls. And for young boys who are in puberty, this messes up their minds, now he is sexualising his teacher. How will he focus and pass? It is wrong no matter how you look at it.”


“I think she’s also pursuing being an influencer, side hustle.”


“You deserve to be a teacher, Hillbrow is where belong.”

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