electrically charged stones. iMAGE VIA Twitter @Africa_Archives

‘Loadshedding fix’: Mzansi reacts to DRC’s electric charged stones

‘The end of loadshedding?’ A video of electrically charged stones were ‘discovered’ in the Democratic Republic of Congo over the weekend.


electrically charged stones. iMAGE VIA Twitter @Africa_Archives

South Africans and the rest of the world took to social media on Monday to respond to footage of electrically charged stones, which were reportedly discovered in the (DRC) Democratic Republic of Congo over the weekend.

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Iharare reports that the electrically charged stones which spark when they touch each other were also used to light a bulb and researchers are wondering if the DRC discovery could be an answer to loadshedding.

In response to the video, social media users are also wondering if the stones could be the answer to the power shortage or an internet hoax.

“A kilogram of these electrically charged stones is reported to be able to light a two-bedroom house for at least two months. A gram of the stones which have been equated to the fictitious state of Wakanda’s vibranium is thought to light a bulb for more than 72 hours”, Iharare reports.

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“I can’t but I’m 99% sure I can’t because it is a magic trick, not an electric rock.”


“Africa has no better research labs where these stones can be examined and make better use of. We wait on the white man to come & see what is it we’ve got. And when the white man got to know the true value of it, he’ll hide it in a book that he knows we wouldn’t read. God help us!”


“Can someone tell me how these rocks not shocking you even a little bit if they are charged? I think the element is highly reactional to metals perhaps? There is no difference between touching the two end of the cable and holding it with 2 fingers. The human body is also conductive.”


“I wasn’t born yesterday you could see the TIG torch underneath the Rock and the guys wearing electrified gloving yeah come on don’t play with your tools underneath the rocks and tell people that you have electrified Stone you don’t.”


“This is so stupid. I can’t believe so many people think it’s real. If there are positive and negative points on the rock, why doesn’t it short and dump its energy via heat? It would have to have an insulator between the positive and negative points for this to work.”


“Oh yeah, this stone exists in Nigeria as well. A local prince send me an email and offered to invest before this goes mainstream. So I transferred $10,000 to him. I’m gonna be rich!”

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