A touch of Sicily: You can buy

Image: Smeg

A touch of Sicily: You can buy this Smeg fridge for a cool R1.3m

A fridge to cherish forever? This Fab28 Smeg refrigerator with unique Dolce & Gabbana styling is worth R1.3 million.

A touch of Sicily: You can buy

Image: Smeg

After a stand-alone Smeg store officially opened its doors in Constantia Village in Cape Town, the Italian brand’s fridge worth R1.3 million quickly went viral.

Refrigerator art do not come cheap

Business Insider South Africa reports that Smeg has been a well-known brand in South Africa, but as of recently did not have its very own stand-alone store. Now, fans of the brand can buy various appliances of different collections. One of these includes Dolce & Gabbana small appliances and an accompanying refrigerator range.

The edition comes after Smeg teamed up with Dolce and Gabbana to produce a second collection entitled Sicily My Love. The Smeg appliances – including kettles, toasters, food mixers and pasta makers – have been used as a canvas for Sicilian art, with each appliance being crafted in celebration of the rich Italian heritage of both brands.

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Image: smegconstantia/Facebook

A touch of Sicily

“Each detail featured in the intricate design intrinsically links back to Sicily, the home of Dolce & Gabbana,” a spokesperson explained.

Meanwhile, the Fab28 Smeg refrigerator range with unique Dolce & Gabbana styling features images by Sicilian artists: lemons, the trinacria symbol, cart wheels, medieval knights and battle scenes – all distinctive elements of the poetic marionette theatre and the Sicilian Cart.

The beautiful hand-painted Dolce & Gabbana-styled fridge is described by Smeg as: “This one-of-a-kind unique and captivating refrigerator is a piece of art, with hand-painted Dolce & Gabbana styling. Buying these artistic fridges is like buying an exotic piece of art!  It’s something to be cherished and loved forever.”

A fridge to cherish forever

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Image: smegconstantia/Facebook

Going viral

Last year, TikTok users went viral after posting videos of an LG Electronics 4-Door Smart Refrigerator worth R49 997. The fridge was dubbed the ‘rich people fridge’ as it has a clear glass window that shows what products are in the fridge, however when you pull it open by the handle, it reveals a totally different section. A button on the handle also allows you to access the front part of the fridge, which is where many people store drinks.

The refrigerator also lights up when you knock on the door so you can see exactly what is inside.


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