A big tipper is on the loose

Image via Unsplash

Is there a serial tipper on the loose? Restaurant gets R20 000 tip

Staff at Massimo’s in Cape Town got a whopping R20 000 tip from an anonymous customer. Seems SA may have a serial ‘do-gooder’ on the loose!

A big tipper is on the loose

Image via Unsplash

There is no doubt that the restaurant industry has taken a massive blow because of COVID-19. With heavy lockdown rules and fewer people being able to spoil themselves with a nice night out, many places to eat are struggling to make ends meet.

One anonymous South African tipper is however trying to make a difference in the lives of staff members who have been impacted harshly by the COVID-19 woes, by tipping big, and by big, we mean really big.

Big tipper brings big smiles

The staff at Massimo’s in Cape Town seem to be quite lucky when it comes to getting generous tips from kind-hearted patrons. Last year, one of the staff members at the restaurant shared on the “ImStaying” Facebook page how they got a lovely R4 000 tip as a contribution to the restaurant’s “Pay It Forward” campaign which was set up to help those less fortunate.

Recently the staff was once again blown away after another customer blessed them with a whopping R20 000 tip. According to IOL, the money was divided among the employees who were obviously overjoyed by their very early Christmas present. The 18 employees all received R1 111.

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Speaking about how it happened, the overjoyed restaurant owner told News24:

“It was a normal day at the restaurant when a regular customer called in to say she will be coming to collect some frozen items from the store. Before she hung up, she asked how many staff members the restaurant had, which I didn’t think anything about at the time,”

More generosity in Mzansi

Another young waitress, Nqobile Makalulubear Ngobese has her day made by a kind customer who tipped her one hundred percent. Briefly News reports how the young woman took to Facebook’s ImStaying group to share how overjoyed she was to receive such a big tip.

“And see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanking her was just not for Facebook. I was really thanking her from the bottom of my heart and it really showed there are still good people in the world,” she wrote in her Facebook post.

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