Sanitary pads.

Sanitary pads. Image via Twitter @thesignalng

‘R60k for used pads’: SA women share ‘period’ ritual stories

[WATCH] South African women are sharing horror stories of how used sanitary pads are used to perform rituals for money.

Sanitary pads.

Sanitary pads. Image via Twitter @thesignalng

A woman shocked tweeps earlier this month when she revealed that she makes money from collecting used sanitary pads from public dustbins for a man she met in Sandton. It is believed the used pads are used for rituals by people who practice dark magic.

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The woman, who is also a student added that the man asked for her used sanitary pads when they met and the man doesn’t know the pads she’s been giving him belong to other women. 

“So far I made R60 000. I am sorry to all the women, who are affected by this, I’m trying to survive”.

Another woman in Giyani, Limpopo revealed on her TikTok that she once found a woman going through her dustbin to collect her used sanitary pads, which would’ve been used for a ritual if she hadn’t confronted her.

The Limpopo tiktoker adds that her grandmother eventually asked the woman for her granddaughter’s used pads back after she refused to give them. 

When they went their separate ways, the mysterious woman told her ‘you’re not the only woman who goes on periods’. 

It reported people who collect used sanitary pads can make close to R20 000 a day/per pad. 

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“Ok from now on if I have to change a pad in public I am putting it in my pocket and taking it home.”


“Weeeee I thank god for the past three years I’m unable to use public toilets when it’s that of the month and I’ve started burning as from late year….yoooh imagine how many more girls are doing this,weeee I’ve only seen these in movies hey.”


“Lol, I saw this other girl washing her pads before throwing them away. I asked why are u doing this it’s so disgusting, and she said Im from Limpopo, with us it’s either u flush ur pad or rinse it before throwing it away. Now it makes sense ppl do evil with our blood.”


“Hmmm, some of those people in my Kasi can disguise themselves as if they are looking for old stuff or recyclable material only to find that.”

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