R182 503 bill,

R182 500 bill, Image via Twitter @AdvoBarryRoux

Patron spends R182 500 on alcohol, tips waiter R21 900 [PHOTO]

‘R204 434 bill’: A patron spent R182 500 on alcohol and tipped the waiter R21 900 at a South African restaurant.

R182 503 bill,

R182 500 bill, Image via Twitter @AdvoBarryRoux

Social media users were blown away by a R182 500 bill, which revealed the mysterious customer spent the majority of his money on alcohol at an unknown restaurant in South Africa. 

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The receipt also shows that the unknown customer tipped the waiter R21 903, spent R182 500 on alcohol, and ultimately spent almost a quarter of a million rand (R204 434) on alcohol in one night at the South African restaurant. 

The shocking bill was shared by a tweep @AdvoBarryRoux, who allegedly also shared pictures of the mysterious on Twitter on Tuesday, 4 April. 

So how does a bill at a restaurant even get to R204k? Well, let’s break down what was supposedly ordered:

  • 2 bottles of Hennessy brandy up to R11 998
  • 20 Red Bulls R980
  • 4 hubbly single R2400
  • 30 Valpre still water R900
  • 39 Vueve Rich champagne R105 261
  • 3 A de Brignac R35 997
  • 5 Dom Perignon R24 995

The bill also shows that the lucky waiter who served the patron and his guests was tipped R21 903. 

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“I don’t care if you or I can afford it or not, if you are willing to spend this kind of money on such useless things I’m not taking you seriously as a friend or business partner. Your perspective is self-destructing and myopic.”


“This is why most black young folks could go broke in a blink of an eye, 200k for booze for 1 night for what? It’s like the money is bugging them to spend it, look closely at the source of the money, robbery, fraud, dirty money, one cant spend hard-earned money like that.”


“We are cursed as black individuals, instead of parading economic success and sharing ideas on how to attain such a success and how would we assist each other in attaining such success, we are parading expensive alcohol as if it emancipates us economically.”


“These people are seriously wasting money out there while millions would kill to even have 10% of that.”


“Give friends millions to spend in your club to clean your dirty money and theirs, so when it comes under the club account through sales, there’s a record for the tax man on how the money was acquired. It’s been happening in these high-market clubs with ridiculous prices.”

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Image via Twitter @AdvoBarryRoux