Pastor Siva Moodley's body has been lying at the Martin’s Funeral Home in Fourways, Gauteng for three months.

Pastor Siva Moodley has been . Image: Getty Images

Waiting for a miracle: Dead pastor’s family won’t let go, awaits ‘resurrection’

The body of a well-known pastor and televangelist has been lying in a funeral home for three months as his family prays for his resurrection.

Pastor Siva Moodley's body has been lying at the Martin’s Funeral Home in Fourways, Gauteng for three months.

Pastor Siva Moodley has been . Image: Getty Images

A deceased pastor’s body has been left at a funeral home for three months as his family hopes for him to be resurrected.

Why Pastor Siva Moodley has not been buried yet

According to a report from IOL, Pastor Siva Moodley’s body has been lying at the Martin’s Funeral Home in Fourways, Gauteng.

It is said that the 53-year-old – who was the founder of The Miracle Centre in the north of Johannesburg – died on 15 August after falling ill.

It is reported that Moodley has an international following and a television programme called Your Miracle Moment. It is broadcast on DStv through FaithTV and TBN Africa.

A website seemingly registered to his name, states that “miraculous healings and prophetic ministry of Dr Siva Moodley have enabled him to speak to governments of five different countries, as well as key business leaders globally”.

It also states that “it is normal to see radical healings like blind eyes and deaf ears opening, legs growing, cancers/tumours disappearing in this ministry”.

Praying for his resurrection

Shortly after his death, Martin du Toit, the manager at the funeral home, told the City Press that Moodley’s family and members of the church used to visit the funeral home to pray for his resurrection. But the visits have since stopped.

Du Toit reportedly said the family was ignoring his calls to fetch Moodley’s body and that he would approach the Johannesburg City Council to bury him as a pauper.

When the POST contacted Du Toit, he said Moodley’s family had allegedly told him to stop speaking to the media.

His social media accounts

Meanwhile, a source close to the family said his extended family wanted his wife, Pastor Jessie Moodley, to bury him.

“He has three brothers and two sisters. They are surprised about what has happened.

“They have not been able to view his body. They know nothing about what is going on. All they see is what is being told on social media to his followers and congregation. His social media accounts are active as though he is still alive and coming back.”

The source said he shared a close relationship with Moodley.

“He was a man of God. He was a righteous person who was well-respected and well known. The family needs to set the record straight with everyone and give him a dignified burial. I understand that at the time of this death the family must have been frantic. But they need to do the right thing. Put this to bed. Siva has now gone to be with the Lord.”

Acknowledging his death

Up until Tuesday (30 November), his church has not acknowledged his death on their social media platforms. It is also said that his social media accounts, notably Twitter, are operational and tweets are posted every day as if they were from him.

Services are being live-streamed on social media and are being conducted by his wife and son David Moodley.

Congregants, who declined to be named, said Moodley should be buried.

“I am glad that the truth is finally out on the whereabouts of Pastor Siva. He should be buried, because that is the natural thing to do. However, my main concern is, what was the motivation of his immediate family to blatantly lie and deceive the public about his demise? They have not formally told anyone about his death.”

The congregant said besides speaking from his social media platforms, as if they were him, every time someone asked where was Pastor Moodley, they allegedly said he would be back soon.

Are there specific time frames when it comes to burying your loved ones?

Reggie Moloi, the spokesperson for Johannesburg City Parks, told the publication that normally families would wait up to three days to bury or cremate their loved ones.

“There are no restrictions or time frames in place on how long a family is allowed to keep a body. Currently, the only time frames we have are on Covid-19 deaths. The pastor’s family is well within their right to keep the body. We have no powers to tell the family when they need to bury. It is up to them. We can only intervene if the body is causing health or environmental issues.”

The Moodley has not commented on the matter.