Nigerian man getting arrested.

Nigerian man getting arrested. Images via Twitter @AdvoBarryRoux

Man allegedly arrested in UK, impregnated wife, mom, sister-in-law

A Nigerian man was reportedly arrested in the UK for impregnating his wife, his mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Nigerian man getting arrested.

Nigerian man getting arrested. Images via Twitter @AdvoBarryRoux

Popular South African tweep @advobarryroux revealed on Wednesday, 24 May that a Nigerian man was recently arrested in the United Kingdom after he impregnated his wife, her mother, and her sister.

@AdvoBarryRoux tweeted: “A Nigerian man living in the UK has been arrested after he impregnated not one but three women: his wife, his wife’s mother, and his wife’s sister.”

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The Nigerian man, whose identity has not been revealed was reportedly arrested after his wife discovered he impregnated her sister and mother as well. 

Iharare reports that the wife reported it to authorities in the United Kingdom, where they are based and he was secretly dating his mother-in-law and his sister-in-law.

In the pictures that have gone viral on Twitter, the Nigerian man appears handcuffed, escorted to the police station by Metropolitan Police.

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@SelomSarl: “Let us check out with Guinness if the man no break any record ?? Tag them.”

@seanwillionaire: “The women look happily pregnant. Did they complain?”

@Zwimagaj: “What’s this all about? I think they have their reasons for such triple blessings, thumbs up for them all.”

@muyaa_mbango: “What’s the offense? Three consenting adult women agreed to have unprotected sex and all got pregnant… what’s the issue?”

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