Zac Stacy

NFL player Zac Stacy has been arrested after abusing his ex. Images via Twitter: @MrAndyNgo

Former NFL star Zac Stacy beats ex in front of five-month-old baby [watch]

Former NFL player Zac Stacy has been arrested after footage shows him brutally beating his ex-girlfriend in front of their baby.

Zac Stacy

NFL player Zac Stacy has been arrested after abusing his ex. Images via Twitter: @MrAndyNgo

A huge spotlight has been cast on Gender-Based violence as people all over the world combat the issue. Harrowing footage has been shared online of former NFL player Zac Stacy beating his ex-girlfriend, Kristin Evans. In the clip, he throws her on the ground in front of their five-month-old baby.

Recent reports reveal that Stacy has been arrested after first hiding from police

NFL player Zac Stacy arrested after footage show him beating his ex

30-year-old Zac Stacy is being detained after his ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans shared footage of him abusing her at her Florida home.

In the clip that has since gone viral, he punches her multiple times in the head. Thereafter, he starts dragging her from the couch. Minutes later he is seen throwing her into the TV, which then fell on her.

All of this takes place in front of the former couple’s five-month-old son who is seen sitting on the couch. She also begs Stacy to stop but he does not.

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According to 32-year-old Kristin who has since opened a retraining order against Stacy, he was visiting their son when he broke out into a jealous rage.

“I just want to say thank you, everyone, who has continued to support me in this ordeal. He’s still not apprehended, I don’t know why. His friends are hiding him.

Please, if you know anything, contact your local authorities. If you see him, he drives a white Kia Optima, a 2020 or 2021,” she wrote in a social media post.

On Friday 19 November Stacy was detained by police and has charged with aggravated battery and criminal mischief, The Sun reports.

Meanwhile, Cassper Nyovest stands up against GBV

South African rapper just headed to his Twitter to discuss Gender-Based violence. In his tweet, he demands that women abusers give a reason behind their decision to put their hands on women.

“Guys, why do you think it’s acceptable to beat women? What the hell is wrong with you? Can we please stop this rubbish!!!” he wrote.

He then went on to say that he would never do that to women and does not condone men who do it. Very soon thereafter his comment section was filled with replies from locals eager to share their thoughts.

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