Lulu Menziwa

Teacher Lulu Menziwa showed off her sexy back-to-school wardrobe.
Image via Twitter

‘My kids are not perverts’: SA’s ‘sexy’ teacher hits back at trolls

[VIDEO] South Africa’s ‘richest’ teacher Lulu Menziwa has broken her silence over her ‘sexy’ pictures on social media.

Lulu Menziwa

Teacher Lulu Menziwa showed off her sexy back-to-school wardrobe.
Image via Twitter

KwaZulu-Natal-based educator Lulu Menziwa, who is dubbed South Africa’s richest and sexiest teacher, says she’s tired of being trolled for her pictures on social media. 

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The popular ‘sexy’ teacher Lulu Menziwa hit back at trolls in an Instagram video that was shared by one of her followers on Twitter.

She said: “Ba busy, they’re hiding on their profiles. You’re so ugly. You must please stop it. I don’t like it anymore. I know now I’m famous, they’re talking about me everywhere and on the radio stations…’ hey this teacher’. I’m not teaching your kids. Do you have your kids in my school? No, so please stop it. Nywe, nywe how are the boys? And you’re forgetting one thing. I’m not teaching kids of your age. I’m not teaching 25, 26 to 40-year-old learners. My kids are younger, they don’t have the perverted minds that you have. So you’re coming here, how i am going to pass, I’m going to fail. Voetsek!”

Menziwa added that she’s exhausted of people judging her pictures on social media because she’s a teacher and told her followers to mind their business and keep it moving when they see her pictures online. 

This is after @AdvoBarryRoux called her out for sharing her bikini wear online: “South Africa is the only African country that has no morals and principles, We have misinterpreted Human Rights. Does SAES have a code of conduct? Imagine seeing your Teacher on social media every time like this.”

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“You should also teach night school after work we come for some lessons.”


“Are you having a photographer even in the classroom?”


“I would’ve never banked a school if you were my teacher…someone sends me back to school.” 


“Whatever qualification you have for teaching must be questioned.”


“As a learner, what are you doing on social media coz it is for 18 years and older.”


“Justify this and say teachers can wear anything, but let us also not forget that they are role models to girls. And for young boys who are in puberty, this messes up their minds, now he is sexualising his teacher. How will he focus and pass? It is wrong no matter how you look at it.”

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