Captain Fantastic: Meet the Sp

Siya Kolisi delights the internet by signing a fan’s booty. Image: sarugbymag/Instagram

Captain Fantastic: Meet the Speedo-wearing fan who caught Siya Kolisi’s attention

Jack Denton is not in a rush to sell the Speedo that caught Siya Kolisi’s eye after the Springboks’ dominant win over Scotland in Edinburgh.

Captain Fantastic: Meet the Sp

Siya Kolisi delights the internet by signing a fan’s booty. Image: sarugbymag/Instagram

After the Springbok captain, Siya Kolisi went viral over the weekend of 13 November for signing a fan’s booty, South Africans were eager to meet the man wearing nothing but a Speedo while watching the Springboks beat Scotland in Edinburgh.

Meet Jack Denton, the Speedo-wearing fan who caught Siya Kolisi’s attention

Yes, Siya jumped over advertising boards to sign the young man’s booty after the Springboks claimed a dominant victory over Scotland. Now, the man has been identified by EWN Sport as the Zimbabwean-born Jack Denton – who is a massive fan.

“I am a MASSIVE Siya Kolisi fan and have been for some time as he obviously went to school just down the road at Grey PE and I actually remember him playing at schoolboy level! So, for a while, I’ve wanted his signature,” Denton – who was schooled in South Africa at Kingswood College in the Eastern Cape – said.

Denton, who now resides in Edinburgh working as an engineer at a whiskey company, said the stars aligned and on the eve of the Autumn Nations Series clash, he saw Siya walking on the street with a former teammate:

“Leading up to the game, I did manage to see him on the street with Dillion Leyds on Friday and told him I’d be bare in Murrayfield in my speedo and if he could after the game, I’d love his signature.”

And so, during the game, he waited for the opportune moment. After jumping on the chair, and with the help of some other fans, they screamed for Siya.

“He was amazing and acknowledged me within seconds that he was going to come. From then on, it was a bit of a blur to me but I have been describing the bum tap like ‘fresh summer breeze to the tushie’.”

Watching the Springboks in Scotland

Denton also said that the Scots do enjoy watching the World Cup winners in action.

“The Scots do really enjoy the Boks, but I think that had a lot to do with the Bokke taking out the ‘old enemy’ England and preventing them from winning the World Cup [in 2019]! Scotland do hate losing but watching England win is a close second.

“Being a Springbok fan here is very easy, the Scots are so inviting and especially with their team doing so well recently, they’re just happy to watch a good game of rugby. Big reason why I actually love living here.”

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The man who brought the speedo to life

So, who’s next on the autograph list for Denton? “The clear answer would have to be Faf [De Klerk] – he is the man who bought the Speedo to life and it would only seem right. I wouldn’t trade Siya’s signature for the world though.”

According to Denton, there has been one bid made for the autographed costume: “I was on 5fm this morning where they wanted to start a bid and R50k was thrown into the hat. I can’t say I’m in any rush to sell it though. Definitely just going to frame it with a couple pictures and keep it forever. Will be a great addition to the future bar.”