Meet Asna and Sana: The five-y

Five-year-old twins rescued from Afghanistan. Image via Twitter @FrankWalusimbi.

Meet Asna and Sana: The five-year-old twins rescued from Afghanistan

While the twins have been successfully rescued from Afghanistan, other children were reportedly left behind by their parents during the chaos that ensued in Kabul after the Taliban’s takeover.

Meet Asna and Sana: The five-y

Five-year-old twins rescued from Afghanistan. Image via Twitter @FrankWalusimbi.

Five-year-old twins Asna and Sana Hashimi were rescued from Kabul by the British government on 22 August amid the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban.


The father of the twins, Nooragha Hashimi, worked as a translator who helped the British Army during its Afghanistan campaign. He admitted that the Taliban would have killed him because of his vital support to the army. 

Hashimi, along with his wife, sons and the twins, were one of the “lucky ones” who were rescued from Kabul with many others trying to reach the UK. The British troops fussed over Asna and Sana when they scanned them with metal detectors. 

However, the Hashimi family were placed on an RAF aircraft and evacuated alongside an estimated 130 other people. 

‘Everyone knows about me’

“Everyone knows about me, so that’s why this was dangerous for me,” said Hashimi according to Daily Mail

“Everybody was scared about what they’re going to do, and the first time they’re saying ‘we’re gonna do nothing [to] anybody’, but nobody knows if it will be the same as 1996,” he continued.

Hashimi said his family plans on settling in southern England where they hope the weather is warmer than the north.

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According to ITV News, a five-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl were left behind by their parents in their rush to board flights to Britain.

“Mr Biden, you did this. You planned this. You made the deal with the Taliban. This is the consequence of it. This is the repercussions of it. Go to hell, Biden!,” said the man to ITV News.

Translators at risk

Translators’ lives are at risk as Daily Mail reports that 50 translators have not replied to requests from UK officials to report to the Kabul Airport, raising fears that they either too scared to travel or missing.

“The risk is so great to my family that I don’t know if we can leave our hiding place,” said a translator to Daily Mail.

“The Taliban are knocking on doors and beating people to find out where the translators are,” the translator continued. 

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