Image via Facebook: Happy Meal Toys

Playtime is over: McDonald’s to take the toy joy out of its ‘Happy Meal’

It’s the end of an era for plastic toys accompanying McDonald’s ‘Happy Meal’ as the fast-food chain plans on becoming more eco-friendly by 2025.


Image via Facebook: Happy Meal Toys

As a child visiting McDonald’s was always fun because of the little toys that came inside the kiddies’ ‘Happy Meal’. From little cars to tiny figurines of our beloved childhood friends Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, wondering what we’d find next inside the box was always exciting.

Soon kids won’t find their favourite plastic toys because the food company has decided to go green.

Sad time for McDonald’s ‘Happy Meals’

Believe it or not, the best part of a McDonald’s ‘Happy Meal’ was not the chicken nuggets of the small tub of corn. For years kiddies have enjoyed discovering a toy to add to their collection.

But by the year 2025, children will no longer be able to find a plastic toy inside the iconic children’s meal as the fast-food giant plans to become more eco-friendly.

Replacement theory: Build your own 3D toys

Earlier this week, McDonald’s announced their plans to scrap plastic toys from the meal but it isn’t all bad news as they will be replacing plastic toys with toys that are made with more sustainable material.

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“Our next generation of customers care deeply about protecting the planet and what we can do to help make our business more sustainable,” said McDonald’s chief sustainability officer, Jenny McColloch, in a statement.

“With this transition for our toys, we’re working closely with suppliers, families and play experts and engineers to introduce more sustainable, innovative designs and help drive demand for recycled materials, to keep McDonald’s communities and beyond smiling for generations to come.

Giving a little insight into what children can expect, McDonald’s shared that “fan-favourite movie characters that used to be plastic figurines may reappear as 3D figures that can be built and decorated”.

They also said that board games that usually come with plastic game pieces will be swapped with accessories made from certified plant-derived or recycled materials.

Here’s what the netizens have to say:

@RimurusChocMilk said:

“Cool but these new toys are horrendous, bring back the cool stuff like the cups no kid wants a cardboard box minion.”

@culerprince said:

“That’s a brilliant idea! McDonald’s I’m a fan”

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