M&M's show off their new look

M&M’s show off their new look
Image via Twitter

‘Who cares!’: Tweeps react to ‘woke’ M&M’s makeover [photos]

Spot the difference: Mars group have redesigned the looks of the colourful candy-coated M&M’s characters in the name of ‘inclusivity’

M&M's show off their new look

M&M’s show off their new look
Image via Twitter

M&M’s – the world’s most famous candy – has given their colourful characters a new makeover, in the name of “inclusivity”.

Mars Incorporated, the company behind the popular candy-coated chocolate treats made the reveal of the results this week in a campaign that has many consumers talking.

According to the organisation, the transformation of the five colourful characters represent the “global commitment to creating a world where everyone feels they belong and society is inclusive.”

This forms part of their mission to “increase the sense of belonging for 10 million people around the world by 2025”.


M&Ms – first released in 1914 – revealed the revamped look of their red, orange, brown, yellow, green and blue mascots.

But a quick glimpse at the before and after pics renders not much of a difference. That’s because the changes are subtle, claim Mars.

The biggest change can be seen in appearance between the green and brown female characters.

The brown candy has been given a more “suitable” heel height and a sassy new attitude. “Not bossy. Just the boss,” M&M’s said of the character’s new motto.

The green candy has swapped her high-heel shoes for what Mars claims are “cool, laid-back sneakers to reflect her effortless confidence.”

There are other small changes to footwear – red and yellow have laces on their sneakers whilst orange – whose character is considered a bit of “stressed Eric” – has his laces finally tied.

The colour of the characters arms and legs have also changed from tan to a more translucent colour.

Then come the revamp of their personality traits.

The female brown and green candys – previously pitted against each other – will now strike up a friendship and “together throw shine and not shade.”

Orange will “embrace his true self, worries and all”, and red – previously considered the bully of the bunch – will “embrace kindness” moving forward.


But whilst Mars was confident of their new inclusive M&M’s campaign, many tweeps did not see the point of it.

“Bro they’re f**king M&M’s what do you mean inclusive?”

“Why do companies choose to alienate millions of their customers by going political? Why can’t my M&M’s just be M&M’s?”

“They took away the green M&M’s gogo boots and made her cover her legs because she looked too promiscuous. Let her dress the way she wants!”

“Thank goodness. Being Asian, I could never really eat those M&M’s until now”

“I will not buy another pack of M&M’s until there is an m&m with IBS”

Peta – the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – also found fault with the rebranding.

The animal-rights charity tweeted: “Why can’t they make M&M’s inclusive for vegans, people who are lactose intolerant, and cows too!”.

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