She’s all ears! Coonhound pup

Image: Guinness World Records

She’s all ears! Coonhound pup breaks record with ‘longest ears’ [photos]

A dog in the United States broke the record for the longest ears on a dog – with each ear measuring an impressive 34cm.

She’s all ears! Coonhound pup

Image: Guinness World Records

On 23 September, Guinness World Records published a feature about a record-breaking pup named Lou who has the longest ears on a dog in the world.

Lou | The dog with the longest ears

Lou record holder for Longest ears on a dog living standing in back yard
Image:  Guinness World Records

Three-year-old Lou is a black and tan coonhound. She’s a sweet, sassy, smart and now record-breaking pup. 

It was love at first sight for her owner Paige Olsen, a veterinary technician from the United States, who simply could not say no to adopting her!

Paige has always joked that Lou’s ears are “extravagantly long”. However, it wasn’t until sheltering in place during the pandemic that she decided to measure them.

As it turns out, Lou did indeed break the record for the longest ears on a dog (living) with each ear measuring 34 cm. Her achievement has even earned her a spot in the new Guinness World Records 2022 book. 

“Lou is a black and tan coonhound, and all of them should have ears that extend at least to the tip of their nose.” Paige explains. “All black and tan coonhounds have beautiful long ears, some are just longer than others.” 

“Their long ears drag on the ground and stir up scents when they are tracking out in the field. It makes them great at following long, very old or ‘cold’ tracks that other breeds of dog may not pick up on.”

She checks them once a month for cleanliness and, in the winter, uses a snood (an ear warmer for dog) to keep Lou’s ears from dragging in the snow. 

She mentions the snood is “more to make me feel better than it is actually necessary!”

Lou Longest ears on a dog living wearing a snood
Image:  Guinness World Records

Paige also says that people always have questions about the breed.

“Coonhounds are not very common in this region so I get the opportunity to educate a lot of people on the breed. Of course, everyone wants to touch the ears, they’re very easy to fall in love with just one sighting.”