load shedding

Eskom Chair Mpho Makwana has encouraged South Africans to ‘celebrate’ lower stages of load shedding.
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SA livid by Eskom’s ‘celebrate’ stage 2 load shedding comments

The audacity! Eskom chair Mpho Makwana’s instruction to ‘celebrate’ lower stages of load shedding have gone down in flames…

load shedding

Eskom Chair Mpho Makwana has encouraged South Africans to ‘celebrate’ lower stages of load shedding.
Images via Twitter

South Africans in positions of power – like politicians, for example – have said many dumb things in public. But nothing beats the latest utterances by Eskom’s new Chair, Mpho Makwana, who told Mzansi to “celebrate” lower stages of load shedding.

The new head was dragged this week after he encouraged South Africans not to be ungrateful for the energy supplier’s work – or lack thereof.

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During a recent interview with Newzroom Afrika, the new Eskom boss chatted about how the power utility management will work alongside the new Minister of Electricity, Kgosientso Ramokgopa to deal with load shedding.

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Makwana also spoke about the public reception of Eskom, encouraging South Africans not to harshly criticise rolling blackouts.

He said: “We must learn to do something else; celebrate the times when we’ve had lower stages of load shedding. And there have been many of those times where its been stage 2 and 3”.

He added: “We must not just lament stages 8 and 7. If we want things to change, celebrate those things!”


Naturally, South Africans were enraged with the Eskom Chair’s comments to “celebrate” power cuts, which have crippled the economy in recent months.

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Here’s what Twitter users had to say about changing their attitudes to load shedding.

@4KobusWiese: “Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Really? This must be a joke. He cannot be serious! Dont know what is more insulting, him making such a statement or being Chairperson?”

@PhiwaNk: “Electricity is not a free service. Consumers have a right to complain when they don’t receive quality goods and services for their money.”

@dramadelinquent: “We pay for this service, and we should be grateful??”

@ChimCham7: “Makwana probably smokes nyaope!”

@daddyhope: “Africa is cursed with bad leadership!

You create a mess through corruption and incompetence.

You reduce the crisis consequences a bit, then you demand that I celebrate that?

Africa deserves better than this kind of mediocrity.

This is failed governance on display!”