Snap! Leopard cub drops impala

Image: LatestSightings/YouTube

Snap! Leopard cub drops impala on mom’s head [video]

Snap! A leopard recently showed off her impressive reflexes after a leopard cub dropped a whole impala on her.

Snap! Leopard cub drops impala

Image: LatestSightings/YouTube

A video of a leopard cub dropping a whole impala on its mother has gone viral with over one million views and counting on Facebook alone.

Leopard cub drops impala

Yes, after a leopard captured an impala, she proceeded to take it up into a tree. After a while, it seems the leopard cub was still eating when it dropped the impala on its mother’s head. This caused the leopard to jolt and the safari-goers to yell “snap!”

“Watch: Have a cub, they said. It will be fun, they said,” the description from the wildlife app, Latest Sightings reads.

After a pregnant impala, wild dog, hyenas and a hippo caused quite the commotion in a video shared last week, this gives people a glimpse into the lighter side of wildlife.

“That is funny. Talk about great reflexes, she’s incredible. I really appreciate the Latest Sightings channel,” said Sheldon Aubutt on YouTube.

“That poor mother leopard looked as if she was ejected from a seat,” said Saffron Chadwick.

Cat-like reflexes?

Others noticed the leopard’s impressive reflexes – which we as humans can’t help but envy. It is believed that feline reflexes are at least 1.5 times faster than that of the average dog and that of a human. 

“It is so funny to see cats (wild and domesticated) do that flying leap into the air when they are frightened. I feel bad laughing sometimes cause they could be hurt (not usually), but their reflexes are amazing!” said Amanda. “The leopard ejected like a fighter pilot,” said Makesh JJ.

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It is not clear where the video was taken exactly, or whether the leopard and her cub escaped without any injury.

Watch: Have a cub, they said