Electricity Bill

‘I paid R300 and only got 48 units for electricity’: Tembisa mom. Image via Twitter @MakhumaloShado

Dark days: ‘I paid R300 and only got 48 units of electricity’ – Tembisa mom

South Africans are rallying round to comfort a Tembisa mother who revealed that she only received 48 units of electricity for R300.

Electricity Bill

‘I paid R300 and only got 48 units for electricity’: Tembisa mom. Image via Twitter @MakhumaloShado

South Africans are sympathising with a Tembisa resident @MakhumaloShado, who shared on Twitter that she paid R300 for 48 units of electricity which only lasts for three days.  

IOL reports that Tembisa residents are currently protesting over “expensive” rates and high electricity bills and have shut down the East Rand township, blocking roads and burning tyres. Three people have also died from the protests.  



South Africans are also surprised by the low 48 units of electricity the Tembisa mother received for R300 and shared their own stories of electricity units they receive, which seemingly prove that Tembisa residents are being charged more for electricity.   

“I paid R300 only get 48 units of electricity in Tembisa which lasts only for 3 days. Siyanyelwa straight” (they’re bullsh*ting us).  

This after Johannesburg City Power revealed on 4 July that they’ve increased electricity tariffs by 7.47%.  

Engineering news reported that City Power also revealed that an electricity user who wants 350 kWh a month will pay R51.02 more each month, and a 500 kWh a month user will pay R76.10 more each month.

City Power added that it has 22 different tariffs for its four different customer categories: Residential, business, agricultural, and large power users.

All City Power tariff subcategories are increasing by 7.47%, except for the business convention tariff that has been limited to 4.4% to gradually align with the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) benchmarks for the particular customer category.  

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“This is daylight robbery. I get 44kwh for R100 in Midrand.”  


“Tshwane is cheaper than, for R100 you get 32.5 units.” 


“La suffer guess in Rustenburg R100 electricity = 54.5 kWh units.”  


“I buy electricity for R1000 and it’s 500. 70 units in July but in June it was 528.70. So now for Aug I bought for R1500 and got 688.90 units. I also experienced that if these units were to deplete during the month I will incur another decrease in units… Why?” 


“Let me put it this way, the municipality has 2 tariff types. 1 tariff A(which u buy a unit at around R1.62) the catch is u must not exceed 700kwu/month. 2 tariff B( which is a flat rate of R2.80) n this one you can buy as much as u want. Then in tariff A.” 


“Should u exceed the 700 KWU before month end and u need to buy some units, then they will charge you R8.90 per unit. Hope I make sense.”  

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