‘Everyone gets a car!’ SA past

Image: KyleDriver/Facebook

‘Everyone gets a car!’ SA pastor gifting cars to congregants in need

Prosperity gospel: A pastor from Plumstead in Cape Town made headlines after he handed over a third vehicle to churchgoers in need this past Sunday.

‘Everyone gets a car!’ SA past

Image: KyleDriver/Facebook

A pastor has been gifting his congregants with cars – and hopes to gift them with houses, fridges and more soon.

SA Pastor gifting cars to congregants

According to Eye Witness News, pastor Kyle Driver, from River Word Church in Plumstead, Cape Town handed over a third vehicle on Sunday, 10 October.

“This morning we were blessed again to give away another car to a wonderful couple in our church,” he said on his Facebook page. “They are our youth leaders. This is the third car we have given away and we plan to give away more. We thank God for His blessing. We’re only getting started – the day will come where we will give away houses, we love our River Word Church Members.’’

‘Instructed by God’

Driver said he had a dream where God instructed him to gift his flock with vehicles. He even planned to sell his own car and purchase two with the money, but an anonymous man approached him and told him God sent him to buy the cars.

“When the Lord sends a donor, it’s still the Lord that does it. People might not understand that there’s a thing called a supernatural God. He said in his word that he’ll give you houses you didn’t build, he’ll give you vineyards you didn’t dig.”

Katherine Rightford, a 67-year-old widow who’s a member of the church, has been chosen as one of the lucky congregants after her car was stolen recently.

“I feel blessed, I love my church,” she told the publication.

No strings attached to prosperity gospel

Driver later emphasised that there are no strings attached to prosperity gospel.

“If people say it’s madness and crazy, I think, that’s their opinion. You can’t serve God and not be a giver…We want to be able to give people their first houses. I mean there are politicians who promise people these things and never fulfil it.”

On his Facebook page, Kyle also posted that “poverty is a curse and you can break it off your life by becoming giver, today I break off every stingy spirit off your life in JESUS NAME.”

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