These Konka kids have upset some locals.

These Konka kids have upset South Africans. Images via Twitter: @Humbu30

‘This isn’t right’: SA reacts to kids recreating Konka club scene [watch]

‘While white children are focused on education, black children are focusing on alcohol,’ said a Tweep after watching the ‘Konka Kids’ in action.

These Konka kids have upset some locals.

These Konka kids have upset South Africans. Images via Twitter: @Humbu30

Soweto club Konka aka “The Millionaire’s Playground” has been on everyone’s lips since last year due to how expensive it is to frequent the popular nightclub…and patrons flaunting their extravagant lifestyles. In various clips, people can be seen visiting the club with their luxury cars to enjoy top-of-the-range champagne and puff on pricey hookah pipes.

It appears the clips were also shared with the little ones because they have decided to recreate the Konka vibe in a hilarious — yet worrisome — clip.

The clip has since gone viral as South Africans discuss how disturbing it is to see young children focusing on club lifestyles and not actual school work.

Konka kids go viral in well-planned spin-off clip

Just when you think you’ve seen it all on Mzansi Twitter streets, a clip is shared of some primary school learners recreating a “Konka vibe.”

In the clip that was also shared by Twitter user @Shona, the little ones who are surprisingly at school, pretend to be Konka clubbers, and boy oh boy did they go all out.

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The little girls in the clip can be seen wearing false eyelashes, long nails, and designer bags – all made from paper the boys undoubtedly play the role of rich older men smoking hookah pipes also made of paper.

The clip even features bottle girls strutting for the club-goers who are hilariously vibing to none other than DJ Black Coffee.

Mzansi has super mixed reactions

The clip left many people howling with laughter while some criticised the older people behind the children’s actions.

A number of people pointed out that children their age should be focused on school activities and not Konka. Read some of their comments below:

advovolicious wrote:

“While white children are focused on education black children are focusing on alcohol and drugs.”

@LungaAkaSibu wrote:

“So we teach our young girls to aspire to be slay queens and oGirl bama bodlela at Konka? Kids in model C schools are playing chess, swimming, and reading Harry Potter! Even if this was for L.O. we should teach our girls to have bigger dreams, not Konka man!”

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